$425 Origins Leather Company Briefcase Giveaway – Ends September 19th (Winner: Wayne B.)

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Update: congratulations to Wayne B. for winning this lovely briefcase and thank you to everyone who made this giveaway a lot of fun!

How many products are you aware of that have lasted for 100 years?  Perhaps a piece of furniture your great great grandfather made?  Or maybe a gun that the same great great grandfather owned with an accompanying leather holster?  My guess is that there are not too many items in your possession that meet this description.  The Origins Leather Company has a mission to change this trend, for the benefit of your future progeny.  They offer a 100 year warranty on all of their products, including their Briefcase, which we are giving away this coming month. The contest will be open till September 19th.

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We had the opportunity of reviewing Origin’s Briefcase a couple of weeks ago, the review of which you can read here.  This briefcase is an heirloom quality leather bag built to last generations.  Though Origins is a relatively new leather goods company, they have contracted with one of the premium leather goods makers to produce their products.  The result is a briefcase that has a premium feel, looks beautiful, and has purpose.

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Origin’s Briefcase is an excellent example of Occam’s Razor in leather form.  According to Wikipedia, Occam’s Razor is a principal of parsimony, economy, or succinctness used in problem solving.  In leather form, applying Occam’s Razor means creating an item that efficiently serves its purpose, does so handsomely, and is stripped of unnecessary fluff.

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The Origins Briefcase is made from thick, five to six ounce vegetable tanned leather, thicker than most boot leather.  It has a pocket on the inside for your laptop, a couple of pens, and a small pocket for accessories.  It has a sleeve on the outside that you can use to carry a magazine, newspaper, or other thin items.  It is as simple as that.  Oftentimes those items that are most simple are the most classic.  The Origin’s Briefcase fits that bill.

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The Origins Briefcase is a classy, well designed, durable briefcase that can be used at work, school, church, or a variety of other settings.  It is a bag that is guaranteed for 100 years and is one that could be sitting on your great great grandchild’s desk one day if you win this giveaway.

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