Basader Duotone Handmade Messenger Bag Giveaway (Ended)

We have an awesome giveaway today in partnership with Basader who will be giving away a free messenger bag to one winner! You can enter into the giveaway below or you can read our full review on this bag here.

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Some features of this bag inlcude:

• Divided gusset: unlike the majority of our classic messenger bags (with buckles), this bag has a divided gusset. Aesthetically, we love the look on the outside, and functionally, it creates a two compartment interior.

• Features hidden tuck-locks behind the buckles for ease of use.

• Wrap around adjustable straps that allows the bag to stay slim when not packed full.

• 7-8oz Wickett & Craig, American tanned, English Bridle – A vegetable tanned full-grain leather with an extremely smooth finish on both the top and back sides, yet it will retain its durability and form even under years of heavy use.

• Solid brass buckles and clips feature excellent build quality regarding both feel and thickness (with your choice of Nickel, Matte Nickel, or Brass finish).

• Outer dimensions: height: 12”, width: 16”, depth: 3.5” (collapsed).

• Inner dimensions: height: 11”, width: 15.25”, depth: compartment one: 2.25″ compartment two: 2.25” (full).

• 1 1/4″ wide removable shoulder strap.

• Contrasting English Bridle interior.

• Inner Pockets: pocket one (7 x 6″), pocket two (4.5″ x 6″), one card holder, two pen holders.

• Outer Pocket: 16 x 9″.

• For reference, this bag comfortably fits a 15″ MacBook Pro (which has an actual width of 14.35″).

Basic Giveaway Details

The giveaway will run from May 1st until May 10th at 11:59am pst. We will announce the winner the following day. Only US residents are eligible to win. If you are from another country and win, we will be forced to draw another winner. Sorry about this.

Good luck to everyone!

Basader Duotone Handmade Messenger Bag Review – $440

A high quality leather bag is one of the best ways to upgrade your look when the need to carry items arises. I should have listened to that advice a long time ago and I am guilty of using cheap/low quality bags or a backpack to carry my stuff. If you are in the same position that I was a while back in neglecting your carrying bag, or just want an upgrade, the Duotone handmade messenger bag from Basader is just the look you need.

You can enter to win this bag in the giveaway we are current running here!


This is a very well crafted bag. Simple as that. As soon as I removed it from its packaging I could instantly tell this bag was top notch.

It’s created from vegetable tanned full-grain leather that creates a very smooth finish and still retains a very sturdy feel to it at all times. Even when I packed the bag full with my laptop, book, and other items I carry on a daily basis to class it held up beautifully.

The handle on top of the bag is the just the right amount of pliable where it can bend naturally as you carry but but does not fold under its own weight. It has a nice sight feel to it and is comfortable to carry for longer periods of time.

There are two wrap around straps that give off a very good look. The buckles on the straps are solid brass and have a very dense feel to them which I enjoy. The straps are locked and unlocked via hidden tuck locks that are below the buckles. These tuck locks are very easy to quickly lock and unlock, which is perfect for it is time to quickly pack up and go.

Inside the bag there is a divider that creates two separate parts of the bag. The divider is created from full grain bridle leather as well.


As mentioned earlier, the bag performed extremely well when it was packed full and retained it’s full functionality. I have been using this as my school bag when I go to class and it has held my laptop, books, notebooks and other random items such as keys, pens, headphones, etc very well. I have had zero complaints in terms of functionality.

The two interior pockets are ideal. One is a simple pocket that is for your laptop or books to go in. The other side of the bag does have some extra pockets and holders. There is also a pocket on the backside of the bag that can be used, however, I didn’t use this pocket much.

The bag also comes with an detachable shoulder strap that you can use if you prefer to carry your bag on your shoulder. For quick trips I have tended to opt for only using the top hanlde, but if you plan to be carrying it for an extended period of time then the shoulder strap is ideal.


I love the dual tone color. It makes it stand out from the other common brown leather bags out there. I have received multiple comments about the color of the bag and I have found it to be a very popular bag wherever I take it with me. They offer a handful of other color combinations on there site as well, so if the black with dark brown isn’t your style I’m sure they have a color combination that you’ll enjoy.

The size is perfect both functionality and look wise. It isn’t too big that it looks bulky and it isn’t too small where it looks more like a hand bag. I’m also a big fan of the wrap around straps, It gives a really good look and gives the bag a cohesive feel to it.


All in all, Basader is created a super high quality messenger bag that is both stylish and highly functional. I will continue to use the bag as my everyday bag when I go to class and when I go to work at coffee shops. The bag would also be perfect for someone looking for a new work bag.

If you are interested in this bag, we are running a giveaway for the next 10 days until May 9th where you can enter for your chance to win this bag for free. If you want to check out more products offered by Basader you can head to their site here.

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Atelier Bertrand Belt Giveaway

Today we have a really cool giveaway from Atelier Bertrand where they will be giving away two belts and a discount code to a total of 3 lucky winners. All of the belts are handmade in an atelier located in the centre of France in Limoges. This atelier owns the french label “Living Heritage Company, a french government label given to only a few ateliers that guarantees the excellence of the traditionnal know-how.

They are offering 12 different reversible belts with one side in calf box and the other side in calf grained and 5 different classic belts in full grain calf leather and a lining made of french vegetable tanned leather. For the classic belt you will be able to choose if you want box or grained.

The reversible belts have a 35mm width and you can choose any length up to 115. You can contact them for a bigger size if needed. The classic have a 30mm width. They come in one size that you can easily adjust to your own size.

Enter the Giveaway Below

If you are interested in entering into the giveaway you can do so below. The giveaway will run until September 29th when the winners will be announced.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Watch Atelier Bertrand in Action

The work of the highly skilled craftsmen and women is truly beautiful. You can check all the steps of their belts being created below:

Go Forth Goods Gunnar Leather Duffle Bag Giveaway

Best Leather and Go Forth Goods have teamed up and put together an awesome giveaway for you all. They were kind enough to be willing to give away one of their Gunnar Leather Duffle Bags to one lucky winner. This bag is a beast and you will not want to miss it. Keep reading below to learn more about the giveaway and how you can get a chance to win!

You can read our full review on this bag here, but you can get the gist of it by reading an excerpt below:

I don’t think I’ve taken the Gunnar out without receiving at least one compliment. This bag is gorgeous. Pull-up leather is always beautiful, but across the wide landscape of a duffle bag, it turns heads! The soft leather will move quite a bit as you fill and carry it. This causes the pull-up to create a subtle marbled pattern that is always changing.

Giveaway Details

The giveaway will run from now until midnight on July 5th. Once the giveaway ends we will announce the winner and get in contact with them. The winner will have the bag shipped to them within 1-2 weeks following the end of the giveaway. There are a handful of ways to enter the giveaway and you can do each one of them to insure the best chance at winning. The more entries you have in the giveaway the better chance you have at winning.

Enter the Giveaway Below:

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[ENDED] Levart Leather Wallet and Field Note Cover Giveaway

Best Leather has another really cool giveaway for you all this week! Levart Leather has been kind enough to be giving away a handful of their leather goods to 3 lucky winners. 1st place is going to recveive their 5 card wallet (review here), small snap wallet and their field note cover. 2nd and 3rd place will both win one of their 5 card wallets. Keep reading below to learn more about the giveaway and how you can get a chance to win!

You can read our full review on this wallet here, but you can get the gist of it by reading an excerpt below:

The wallet is made out of beautiful English Bridle vegetable tanned leather that is sourced from Wickett & Craig. Right away you can tell the quality of this wallet is top notch and the hand made craftsmanship add to this. I have been using this as my everyday wallet for the past few weeks and it has held up perfectly.

By design, it is a minimal and simple wallet with one card slot on the front of the wallet and 4 slots on the inside. Having only 5 card slots was new to me as I have been used to my big and bulky bifold wallet, however, I found out that I only really use 2-3 of my cards on a daily basis so this wallet was ideal. I found myself usually carrying 4 cards and then using the last open card slot as a way to carry cash.

Giveaway Details

The giveaway will run from now until midnight on June 15th. Once the giveaway ends we will announce the 4 winners and then get in contact with each one of them. The winners will have their items shipped to them within 1-2 weeks following the end of the giveaway. There are a handful of ways to enter the giveaway and you can do each one of them to insure the best chance at winning. The more entries you have in the giveaway the better chance you have at winning.

There will be 4 total winners:

1st Place: Oak & Honey Leather Bifold Wallet

2nd – 4th Place: Oak & Honey Leather Cardholder (see images of the cardholders below)

Enter the Giveaway Below:
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[ENDED] Giveaway: Oak & Honey Deluxe Bifold and Cardholders (4 Winners!)

We are back with our second giveaway in as many weeks! This time around we are partnering up with Oak & Honey to giveaway awesome leather goods to 4 lucky winners. The 1st place winner will get one of their bifold wallets and then the three runner up winners will each get one of their leather cardholders.

You can read our full review on this wallet here, but you can get the gist of it by reading an excerpt below:

On its surface, the wallet appears to follow the traditional bifold setup. What’s different is the full grain leather in Dark Brown Bridle, which feels amazing. The edges are also nicely burnished and painted, with a slight shine to them.

This was a first for a bridle leather wallet for me and I am impressed. A few of my bags have bridle leather straps so I trust this wallet to hold up just as those do. At $84 I believe that’s an extremely competitive price for a quality bifold and would be worth the money and longevity of the piece.

Giveaway Details

The giveaway will run from now until midnight on May 26th. Once the giveaway ends we will announce the 4 winners and then get in contact with each one of them. The winners will have their items shipped to them within 1-2 weeks following the end of the giveaway. There are a handful of ways to enter the giveaway and you can do each one of them to insure the best chance at winning. The more entries you have in the giveaway the better chance you have at winning.

There will be 4 total winners:

1st Place: Oak & Honey Leather Bifold Wallet

2nd – 4th Place: Oak & Honey Leather Cardholder (see images of the cardholders below)

Enter the Giveaway Below:
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(ENDED) Giveaway – Lombardi Leather Belt and Key Fob ($416 Value)

We are excited to announce a new giveaway we are running in partnership with Lombardi Leather where they will be giving away a their signature buckleless belt as well as some leather key fobs. Their belt is one of the coolest and most unique designs we have ever seen and you definitely want to have a chance at winning it. Keep reading below to learn more about the items being given away and how you can win them.

As mentioned above, this belt is really, really cool. Below is a snippet from our review:

The Lombardi belt is made with thick (probably around 8oz) vegetable-tanned full grain leather and thick stitching. Cutting and stitching is done by hand. The saddle stitch follows the entire edge of the belt, enhancing the look but also minimizing stretch in the belt over time. Construction is overall top notch, and only shows minimal variance that would be expected with a handmade product. The leather and thread is going to see a lot of wear and tear because of the design of this belt, but the materials are high caliber and should last for many years.

This is another area where the Lombardi buckleless belt differs itself quite a bit from the pack. I’m a big fan of how this belt looks. The twisted loop catches a lot of eyes. The stitching accents the folds and turns well so you can see easily how the closure works. I had some friends see the belt on my counter and doubt that it would look good, only to change their tune once I actually put it on and twisted the loop. This particular color, Brits Brown, is one of Lombardi’s best sellers, and for good reason. It’s good a deep red-brown hue that looks fantastic and fits in in nearly any situation.

See the full review of Lombardi Leather’s belt here.

Giveaway Details

The giveaway will run from now until midnight on May 16th. Once the giveaway ends we will announce the 3 winners and then get in contact with each one of them. The winners will have their items shipped to them within 1-2 weeks following the end of the giveaway. There are a handful of ways to enter the giveaway and you can do each one of them to insure the best chance at winning. The more entries you have in the giveaway the better chance you have at winning.

There will be 3 total winners:

1st Place: Lombardi Buckleless Leather Belt + Key Fob

2nd Place: Lombardi Buckleless Leather Belt

3rd Place: Key Fob

Enter the Giveaway Below:

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[Ended] GIVEAWAY ($465 Value) – Korchmar Garfield Laptop Messenger Bag

We are pleased to partner and feature a holiday giveaway from the folks at Korchmar – their Garfield Laptop Messenger, a great bag designed for larger laptops and workplace items. Korchmar is coming up on their 100th anniversary, having been founded in 1917. Continue reading below to enter into the contest, learn more about this Korchmar bag and see some pictures!


From the review:

This bag really nails the design and aesthetics, particularly with the quick-release buckles and the shape of the top flap. Notice how the edges in the photo below curve in slightly towards the bag. This is a functional element I enjoyed because when you carrying briefcases by shoulder straps, the edges of the flap can begin to crease inward if they are straight cut. Korchmar’s choice to curve the edges allows more maneuverability and avoidance of the bag creasing at those points. The ability to slide the bag onto rolling luggage via the back luggage strap is also an important feature.

One of the most useful features of the bag is how it opens. The Garfield utilizes a Tuck-Tite quick release system partially hidden behind the buckles. The buckles are also functional in that they allow for expansion of the bags capacity. This is a perfect setup for the individual looking to hold that business briefcase look while also needing fast or frequent access to the inner compartments. I could classify this as a tech bag in that it adequately protects my 15-inch laptop as well as cased iPad mini. Fully loaded with my work gear, this the initial weight of the bag was not as cumbersome as bags I have owned in the past.

See the full review on the Garfield Messenger to see the great features and style this bag offers.

Giveaway Details

The giveaway with run until December 14th at midnight and then we will pick and announce one lucky winner! The winner will have a Korchmar Garfield Messenger shipped to them following the announcement. There are a ton of ways for you to enter into the contest, and make sure you come daily as some of the ways to enter can be done once a day. The more entries you have the better chance you have of winning, so make sure get as many of them as possible before December 14th at midnight. You can enter the contest below:

Enter the Giveaway Below

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Bag features:

  • Full grain American leather
  • Quick release metal closures for easy access, and buckle adjuster for expansion
  • Multiple interior pockets expand for to hold Smartphone, iPad, power cords and small personal items
  • Large double front gusseted pockets
  • Exterior back pocket and zipped interior pocket
  • Pillow soft padded leather handle
  • Removable, adjustable shoulder strap with ergonomic pad
  • Handcrafted with care in our own factory
  • Made in the USA
  • Fits up to a 15″ laptop
  • Dimensions: 16.5″ x 6″ x 13″


GIVEAWAY: Mission Mercantile Steamer Backpack & Laptop Sleeve ($460 Value!)

We are excited to partner with Mission Mercantile to offer our readers the chance to win a Steamer Backpack & Laptop Sleeve set. This is a beautiful carry set that will last you a lifetime and more. The backpack and sleeve are made with full grain veg tanned leather and thick waxed canvas.

From our review of the Steamer Backpack:

Many of Mission Mercantile’s products hark back to inspiration found in days gone by. The Steamer Backpack in particular was designed after the steamer bag – a sturdy, flat-bottom bag built to be packed into a larger steamer trunk that was loaded onto a train or steamboat for lengthy travel…The Steamer Backpack also has its roots in vintage mail sacks, many of which were mainly canvas but reinforced with sturdy leather at the bottom and top, where they featured a similar belted closure.

This backpack certainly has an eye-catching look, with its wide swath of solid waxed canvas and unique belted closure. The bag instantly looks like there’s a story behind it…so prepare to have LOTS of people ask you about it wherever you go.

The giveaway runs til midnight on June 30th, when we will pick one lucky winner! Enter below – we have lots of ways to enter, so good luck!

Mission Mercantile Steamer Backpack – $460 Value

Mission Mercantile7 12898365_10153812210747013_7575149787560897235_o

Minimum Squared Wallet Giveaway – $172 Value (2 Winners Chosen)

Congrats to Emily W. and Tarrin N. on winning a Minumum Squared Wallet!

We are pleased to feature a new giveaway from the great folks over at Minimum Squared – a small design studio out of Spain that focuses on minimalist wallets. Minimum Squared’s husband and wife team, Adrian and Sanela, are celebrating their win of the prestigious Red Dot Product Design Award, an impressive feat for a studio their size. You can read our official review of their black leather wallet here.

From the review:

One thing you’ll appreciate about m^2 is their extraordinary attention to detail. Their journey to create m^2 began when Adrian’s travels by plane and train had him considering the need for a front-pocket wallet that wouldn’t be uncomfortable while seated.  Furthermore, he wanted the wallet to hold all of his credit and bank cards, as well as look good next to a business suit.

The construction of the wallet reflects Adrian’s engineering background and Sanela’s eye for art. While the leather for the wallet is a single-piece, CAD-designed, laser cut and thinned material, the thread holding it all together is a hand-sewn Fil au Chinois waxed linen thread that goes from one corner to the other.  After testing several materials and leathers, they chose Harmatan & Oakridge vegetable-tanned goat leather for the grain, feel, and availability of colors.  It also tends to offer some stiffness after being laser-thinned, an important characteristic for any wallet.

My favorite feature of the wallet is the ability to pull paper currency out of the wallet without having to remove the entire stack of bills. You can also store up to 10 cards in the wallet in such a way that you end up not stressing the leather or stitching as much as a traditional billfold.

The giveaway will run until midnight on May 15th, when we will pick TWO lucky winners! Winners will be able to select their choice of wallet, as it comes in thirteen different color combinations. Enter below – good luck! 

Minimum Squared Wallet Giveaway

bici m^2 aerial photos red_dot_Version

SOCIAL MEDIA CONTEST: Post a Pic of Your Thorogoods for a Chance to Win

Heads up to Thorogood Boot owners: You could win a pair of Thorogood Janesvilles from the 1892 Collection by posting a pic of your boots using the hashtag #ThorogoodsEverywhere or posting to Thorogood’s Facebook Page now through April 22nd.

IMG_9040-2-768x270 copy
Photo Via Grown & Sewn

From the Thorogood Instagram:

“In honor of Earth Day on April 22nd 1892 Wisconsin Collection by Thorogood will be giving you a chance to win a pair of Janesvilles. We want to see your boots out and about in the environment, among the trees, on the beach, or high on a mountain.

To enter submit a photo to 1892 Wisconsin Collection by Thorogood Facebook Page or post a picture Instagram with the hashtag #ThorogoodsEverywhere
Winner will be selected by a committee of Thorogood Shoes employee owners. All photos must be submitted by midnight on Earth Day, April 22, 2016. Winner is responsible for any and all shipping, taxes, and duties.

Get out there and take some photos! Have fun and good luck.”

Screen Shot 2016-04-07 at 12.47.31 PM

Buffalo Jackson Trading Company Giveaway – $285 Value!

BestLeather is pleased to feature a great giveaway from our friends at Buffalo Jackson Trading Company. We have teamed up with them to give away one of their popular, rugged, durable Elkton Waxed Canvas and Leather Duffle Bags. You can read more about it here. You can also read our review of the small Elkton Duffle.

Enter the contest below and good luck:

Buffalo Jackson Trading Co Elkton Duffle Bag Giveaway – $285 Value!

Feel free to share the contest too – it might earn you some bonus points!

Buffalo-Jackson-Giveaway-2 Buffalo-Jackson-Giveaway-1 Buffalo-Jackson-Giveaway-4 Buffalo-Jackson-Giveaway-3

Satchel & Page Suitcase Giveaway – $650 Value!

CONGRATULATIONS to Jose C., the very lucky winner of the Satchel and Page Suitcase Giveaway!

Satchel and Page Giveaway Winner

BestLeather is pleased to be partnering with Satchel & Page once again to bring you another great giveaway. This time around, we’re offering you a chance to win one of their brand new designs – the Suitcase! Be sure to follow the steps and enter to win. And, be sure to check out our full review of this awesome bag.

Satchel & Page Vintage Suitcase Giveaway – $650 Value!

Lewis Expedition Bag Giveaway Courtesy of Leather Built – $1600 Value!

Congratulations to Cade W of Olympia, WA!!!

He’s the winner of this amazing bag. Cade, we look forward to seeing a couple of pictures of you with this bag in some awesome Pacific Northwest scenery. Major thanks go out to Brett from Leather Built for sponsoring such a great giveaway!

Lewis Expedition BAg Winner

We’re pleased announce that our friends at Leather Built are giving away an amazing bag here on BestLeather – the Lewis Expedition Bag! Be sure to enter to win. This contest will run the length of October, so get your entry in now! We wish you the best in your chances of winning this fantastic bag!

Lewis Expedition Bag6

The Lewis Expedition Bag – built by The Leather Shop of Seattle, WA – Built like a tank, but with the touch of a fine craftsman, The Lewis Expedition Bag is made with the best leather and hardware available.  Simply put, it is built for some serious exploring. The Lewis is crafted from full grain, vegetable tanned leather and is taken from the bends of the hide, the densest and thickest section of the hide. The Lewis is crafted from one solid piece of leather, meaning fewer seams and more sturdy construction. A large, molded pocket on one side of the bag is perfect for a compass, phone, small knife or other accessory, and also stashes a chain linked medicine vial. The opposite side of the bag has a smaller, molded pocket perfect for keys or small goods and an ingenious tethering system for securing a stainless steel flask. Opening the bag you’ll find a large open space perfect for stowing all of your necessities, along with a small pocket for your Field Notes notebook.


The Lewis is stitched with marine grade polyester thread, three times more durable than nylon thread. The stitching is done in grooved channels, making sure that the thread will never tear in heavy use. The Lewis is made for complete functionality and can be easily converted to a backpack, over the shoulder bag or handbag. It is the ultimate companion for your next adventure.

Leather Built Lewis Expedition Bag Giveaway – $1600 Value!

Giveaway is being graciously sponsored by Leather Built of Meridian, IDLeather Built was founded upon the idea of showcasing the highest quality leather goods built in the U.S.A. We have scoured America in search of only the best leather goods and have found some amazing companies and products that are sure to surprise and delight. One of these is The Lewis Expedition Bag, made for us by The Leather Shop right in Seattle. We have yet to find a bag that is more rugged, beautiful and better equipped for adventure. We wanted to offer The Lewis Expedition Bag in this giveaway to highlight the commitment to highest quality that Leather Built adheres to and showcase one of our excellent products.

LederMann Rugged Leather Bag Giveaway – $475 Value!

Congratulation to Adam S. on winning the LederMann Rugger Leather Briefcase/Messenger Laptop Bag!

We hope it brings you many years of great service!

LederMann Leather & BestLeather have teamed up to offer this gorgeous Rugged Leather Briefcase/Messenger Laptop Bag. We’ve had the pleasure of reviewing two great LederMann products in the past and can attest to the high quality of their bags.


The bag up for grabs is the LederMann Rugged Leather Briefcase/Messenger Laptop Bag. Here are some details for you:

“This bag has been designed to offer the flexibility of using it for a laptop bag, or to use as a bag in which to carry your everyday purse items, amongst many other things. It has two inner pockets to separate your possessions plus boasts of multiple outer pockets and smaller inner pockets in which to carry ink pens, glasses, electronics, and other items you may need. This bag not only allows you to carry it by a handle or shoulder strap it converts into a backpack to for even further convenience.”


  • Thick Full Grain Leather, 5 – 6 oz. (2 – 2.2 mm)
  • Suede Lining
  • Durable, Industrial Nylon Thread
  • Machine Pressed Heavy Duty Rivets at all stress points

The Design & Features:

  • Dimensions: 16″W X 12″H X 7″D and has two inside compartments that are 3.5″ inches each

Contest is open to contestants from United States, Canada, Australia, United Kingdom and Germany.

LederMann Leather Messenger Bag Giveaway – $475 Value!




Craft & Lore and BestLeather Port Wallet Giveaway – $55 Value, 4 Winners!


Melanie F, Eric N, Adam B, & Weston A!

Thank you to all who entered the Craft & Lore giveaway! Keep an eye out for more giveaways coming soon!

Port Wallet Winners

Craft & Lore is partnering with to give you a shot at winning one of their Port Wallets. The company, located in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, is an independent design and build workshop, focusing on leather goods that are simple in form and function. Craft and Lore recently launched a Kickstarter for their Port Wallet ($39 only on Kickstarter), a minimal handmade wallet made to carry your indispensable cards plus some cash. Last year, we reviewed the Port Wallet, and here’s what our reviewer Ben had to say about it:

“The Port Wallet is a simple, no-fold, four pocket workhorse designed to carry 7-8 cards in the central pocket, as well as a few bills and a drivers license. With 4-5oz hand tanned leather and saddle stitched waxed polyester thread, this wallet is absolutely built to last — most importantly, it is able to withstand the abuse of day-to-day goings. From trips to the coffee shop on my bike to long commutes in the car, this wallet hasn’t appeared to even begin to wear in any way after three weeks of being in my back pocket. The Port Wallet is built to last. Period.

This wallet can be described in just one word: clean. The color of my vegetable-tanned leather Port Wallet reminds me of a fine 15 year single malt scotch: a rich, mesmerizing amber. The stitching accents the clean simplicity of the wallet. The leather is smooth and extremely soft to the touch; it’s an pleasant experience each time you reach in your front pocket.”

Port Wallet Giveaway Cover

Craft & Lore Port Wallet Giveaway – 4 Winners!

This time, we will be selecting FOUR winners, each of whom will be able to choose a Port Wallet in Natural, Medium Brown, Dark Brown, or Mahogany. The giveaway runs from July 16th to July 28th, so enter now for your chance to win!


Port Wallet - Craft and Lore


Cravar & BestLeather F.C. 15 Messenger Bag Giveaway – $410 Value

Congratulations to Joshua S of Ohio for being selected as the winner of the Cravar F.C. 15 Messenger Bag!

Joshua, check your email so we can get you set up with your new bag! And thank you to all who entered. Please check your inbox soon too – Cravar will be sending a special “thank you” incentive to everyone who entered. 



The fine folks at Cravar are ready to give you a shot at winning one of their great looking F.C. 15 Bags. Back in April, we had the privilege of reviewing this same bag – you can check out the full review here. Since that time, the F.C. 15 has become a daily carry bag for the wife of the reviewer and she absolutely loves it. It continues to garner comments and questions. And, it performs its role for her perfectly.

Now, it’s YOUR turn to get one of these amazing bags! Here’s what the winner gets:

  •  Winner may choose one F.C. 15 bag from the 3 colors Cravar offers: Espresso, Rust, or Fox
  • Winner may have the bag personalized with a maximum of 3 initials (no numbers or punctuation…just letters). Cravar offers two font choices: Satyr or Telefon (see image below for font examples).


The Giveaway runs from June 17 through July 8th…so, GO FORTH AND ENTER!


Cravar F.C. 15 Giveaway – $410 Value!

Cravar’s F.C. 15 in Espresso
Cravar’s F.C. 15 in Fox
Cravar’s F.C. 15 in Rust


In addition to visiting Cravar’s Facebook page within the contest, please consider following them here too:

Satchel & Page Mailbag Giveaway – $435 Value!

Congratulations to Kevin C of Elk Grove, CA for winning the Satchel & Page Mailbag Giveaway!

We’ll be in contact with you shortly Kevin to get your bag out asap. Thanks to all for entering…and be sure to check your email soon…Satchel & Page has a thank you email coming your way!

Satchel & Page Mailbag Giveaway!

Be sure to read the full review of the Satchel & Page Mailbag…and leave a comment too! We want to know what you think of this iconic bag. Thanks!

J Michael Ashland Giveaway – Valued at $235 – Ends 2/17

J Michael Ashland Leather Giveaway – $235


BestLeather is pleased to offer a fantastic giveaway package from J Michael Ashland. If you’re not familiar with J Michael Ashland, you’re missing out…and we’ll do our best to let you know about his high quality, 100% handmade leather products. We’ve reviewed his Steerhide Belt recently and will have a couple more reviews coming out very soon for other products from J Michael.


Now we have the privilege of offering YOU – our readers three great pieces from J Michael. From his location in northwestern Oregon J Michael Ashland designs and crafts all of his products 100% by hand – no power tools, no machines…at all. This package includes the following items:

  • a Steerhide Belt @ $70
  • a leather Pocket Bifold Wallet @ $125
  • a Swedish Belt Key Fob @ $40

Total package is worth $235, but the craftsmanship is priceless. These are all heirloom quality leather products. The belt will be sized specifically to the winner’s requirements. Be sure to visit the J Michael Ashland website and check out all of the great products he has there and learn more about how he crafts his products.


Giveaway Happening on Instagram from Saddleback Leather Company

As many of you are aware, we’ve reviewed quite a few pieces from Saddleback Leather Company over the years. And, we hope to bring more to you as time goes on. Right now, the good folks at Saddleback are celebrating reaching the 10,000 follower mark on Instagram. And, they’ve decided to keep the celebration going by giving some stuff if you follow their simple, 3 steps (check the image).

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So, be sure to follow Saddleback on Instagram:
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Also, be sure to visit Saddleback’s website too – lots of great leathery goodness over there for everyday life, work, and travel.