Basader Duotone Handmade Messenger Bag Review – $440

A high quality leather bag is one of the best ways to upgrade your look when the need to carry items arises. I should have listened to that advice a long time ago and I am guilty of using cheap/low quality bags or a backpack to carry my stuff. If you are in the same position that I was a while back in neglecting your carrying bag, or just want an upgrade, the Duotone handmade messenger bag from Basader is just the look you need.

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This is a very well crafted bag. Simple as that. As soon as I removed it from its packaging I could instantly tell this bag was top notch.

It’s created from vegetable tanned full-grain leather that creates a very smooth finish and still retains a very sturdy feel to it at all times. Even when I packed the bag full with my laptop, book, and other items I carry on a daily basis to class it held up beautifully.

The handle on top of the bag is the just the right amount of pliable where it can bend naturally as you carry but but does not fold under its own weight. It has a nice sight feel to it and is comfortable to carry for longer periods of time.

There are two wrap around straps that give off a very good look. The buckles on the straps are solid brass and have a very dense feel to them which I enjoy. The straps are locked and unlocked via hidden tuck locks that are below the buckles. These tuck locks are very easy to quickly lock and unlock, which is perfect for it is time to quickly pack up and go.

Inside the bag there is a divider that creates two separate parts of the bag. The divider is created from full grain bridle leather as well.


As mentioned earlier, the bag performed extremely well when it was packed full and retained it’s full functionality. I have been using this as my school bag when I go to class and it has held my laptop, books, notebooks and other random items such as keys, pens, headphones, etc very well. I have had zero complaints in terms of functionality.

The two interior pockets are ideal. One is a simple pocket that is for your laptop or books to go in. The other side of the bag does have some extra pockets and holders. There is also a pocket on the backside of the bag that can be used, however, I didn’t use this pocket much.

The bag also comes with an detachable shoulder strap that you can use if you prefer to carry your bag on your shoulder. For quick trips I have tended to opt for only using the top hanlde, but if you plan to be carrying it for an extended period of time then the shoulder strap is ideal.


I love the dual tone color. It makes it stand out from the other common brown leather bags out there. I have received multiple comments about the color of the bag and I have found it to be a very popular bag wherever I take it with me. They offer a handful of other color combinations on there site as well, so if the black with dark brown isn’t your style I’m sure they have a color combination that you’ll enjoy.

The size is perfect both functionality and look wise. It isn’t too big that it looks bulky and it isn’t too small where it looks more like a hand bag. I’m also a big fan of the wrap around straps, It gives a really good look and gives the bag a cohesive feel to it.


All in all, Basader is created a super high quality messenger bag that is both stylish and highly functional. I will continue to use the bag as my everyday bag when I go to class and when I go to work at coffee shops. The bag would also be perfect for someone looking for a new work bag.

If you are interested in this bag, we are running a giveaway for the next 10 days until May 9th where you can enter for your chance to win this bag for free. If you want to check out more products offered by Basader you can head to their site here.

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