An Introduction To Origins Leather Company

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At, we search out companies that are committed to the values we hold dear: commitment to high quality leather craftsmanship, original design, and the best leather and materials available.  We love to share their stories when we find these companies.  One such young company has recently come to our attention — Origins Leather Company.


I found Origins as a result of perusing Kickstarter.  Impressed with what I saw, I inquired and made the connection.  The Origins Leather Company will be sending us their briefcase to review in June or July, and after that, they will be sending us one for a giveaway.  We look forward to that, but are excited to give you a sneak peak at some of their products and design.

Origins Leather Company6


The Origins Leather company was formed by Aaron Dean, Erik Sjolie, and Michael Sjolie.  They created the company to bring to market high quality leather goods for both business and casual use.  Classic design and functionality were their focus for product creation.  From what I have seen of their products so far, simple design seems to be important as well.  They have eliminated pockets, straps, or stitching that is unnecessary, and stuck with the basics.  Also, they have eliminated lining in their bags, not only as a means of keeping their bags lighter weight, but also to provide a more natural feel to the inside of their bags.

Origins Leather Company4


Origins uses only vegetable tanned, five to six ounce leather.  To them, using vegetable tanned leather is not only more environmentally friendly (much more so than chrome tanning), but it is a leather that is in most cases more durable.  It is also a little more rigid, which allows for better bag construction — lighter weight leather with sufficient structure.  They currently are offering one beautiful color, which they are calling Trunk Chestnut.

Origins Leather Company5


Origins felt that in order to succeed in beginning their company, they needed to partner with craftsman that create products meant to last generations. They were fortunate to be able to partner with the same company that makes Saddleback Leather’s bags and products.  Similar to Saddleback, Origins is offering a 100 year guarantee on their products.  That is serious faith in your materials and your craftsmanship.  Anybody familiar with a Saddleback bag can certainly understand why they feel comfortable with this guarantee.  To help support that guarantee, they use solid copper rivets, solid brass hardware and tough as nails polyester thread.

Origins Leather Company2


The Origin Leather Company is currently offering six products.  The associated prices below are based on what they are currently offering through Kickstarter, meaning these prices won’t last long:

  • A Briefcase – $325
  • A Writers Bag – $225
  • A Travelers Pouch – $90
  • The Tote Bag – $150
  • Koozies (A pint glass holder) – $50 for four
  • Wallet – $30

Origins Leather Company1

BestLeather conclusion

If you are currently in the market for any of these items, now is a great time to take advantage of Origin’s Kickstarter campaign, and pick up some goods for less than the soon-to-be retail price.  I am excited to get my hands on their briefcase.  Good luck on your Kickstarter campaign Origins; we look forward to working with you.


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