Oak & Honey Bifold Wallet Review – $84

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If I ever come into a ridiculously large sum of money, one of my things to do on a list would be to hand out upgraded wallets to strangers. Sure, there are other humanitarian efforts I’d make, but that’s a later conversation. I was reminded of the common practice of buying cheap department store wallets the other day in the checkout line at a local grocer.

An older man took out a wallet that was reminiscent of the exploding wallet, definitely having got out of hand. I’m clear and convinced that there is a style of wallet out their for everyone, whether they carry a lot of things or very few things in it. One of those wallets is the Deluxe Bifold Wallet by Oak & Honey Leather Goods. I got the chance to talk with the shop owner, Steven Gircys, and utilize this piece for today’s review.

About Oak & Honey

Oak & Honey was started as a part-time project by Steven Gircys. In January, he was able to depart his previous career in the film industry and run the Toronto-based Oak & Honey shop full-time from his home. Part of his inspiration comes from a bug I feel many makers get – seeing too many flimsy cheap quality belts and wallets flooding the market. I’m a firm believer that when makers resist capitalist mindsets and profit-driven production, they aim toward making goods that will last.  In addition to wallets, Steven has answered made-to-order requests, with varieties ranging from portfolios, motorcycle bags, all the way to full on briefcases.

Different leather options are available via the website. Photo by Steven Gircys.


On its surface, the wallet appears to follow the traditional bifold setup. What’s different is the full grain leather in Dark Brown Bridle, which feels amazing. The edges are also nicely burnished and painted, with a slight shine to them. My only regret posting this review is that I have not worn it in enough to make the exterior shine, much like wallets get when developing a unique patina. Being all bridle leather, it starts out pretty stiff, but there are options for a chromexcel exterior with just the interior being made in bridle.

The interior of the wallet is also set up traditionally, with a cash slot and card slots on either side. Hidden pockets are located underneath the card slots to hold cards you don’t normally reach for or wish to have out of the way. The thickness of the wallet is pretty standard for bi-folds, and dependent on the number of cards and cash that are stored.

With extended use the wallet thickness will mold to be slightly slimmer than shown here.


As with any new wallet, the card slots took a minute to break in. Though at this point the wallet isn’t fully broken in, the ease of access for cards has improved. Being a bi-fold, there is a little too much bulk to carry in the front pocket, but it fits nicely into back pockets or shoulder bags. The wallet isn’t meant to be minimalist, so I’d recommend it to those that do carry a few cards or hold on to receipts and cash.

The hidden pockets are perfect for storing guitar picks without printing.


The simple but detailed finishing of this wallet is what makes me reach for it among other bi-folds. The pressed logo does not detract from the overall design, and overall the piece is finished very well. The color is a deep brown, one of which I’d like to match with a belt and shoes.I have not discovered any errors in the stitching, and it is grooved into the leather slightly as to avoid premature abrasions from rubbing. Though my wallet was all one color, I have to say the two-tone variations Steven has definitely catch my attention.

Simple pressed logo on the front of the wallet. Also note, the nicely hand-stitched details.


Literally all of my wallets I’ve purchased or owned beforehand have either been chromexcel or raw vegetable tanned leather. This was a first for a bridle leather wallet for me and I am impressed. A few of my bags have bridle leather straps so I trust this wallet to hold up just as those do. At $84 I believe that’s an extremely competitive price for a quality bifold and would be worth the money and longevity of the piece.

As the site is Canadian based, make sure to click the currency logos to change to US dollars in the top right corner on the web pages.  The option to have a two-toned wallet with a chromexcel exterior and bridle interior is definitely something I’d recommend any bifold wallet user pursue. In fact, we are hosting a giveaway of one of the Oak & Honey wallets you can check out below.

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Another photo by Steven Gircys showcasing the two-tone option.


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