Nutsac Work Tote Review – $149

There’s a plethora (Thanks El Guapo) of bags on the market. Backpacks, duffles, weekenders, etc. I’ve had the privilege to get hands on with just about every conceivable carry option there is. I’ve come to the conclusion that each bag has a purpose, but some bags do a great job at filling multiple roles. The humble Tote. While totes usually conjure a more delicate connotation, I was relieved when Nutsac released the Work Tote which delivers all the functionality of a bucket style bag but with the ruggedness one needs when grabbing baguettes from the Deli on the corner. 



This bag is comprised of 18oz waxed canvas. This is a beefy cut of textile that is inherently water resistant. Cotton webbing is used for the straps, and full grain leather for the accents. The bag measures about 2 pounds. Size comes in at 13″ x 9″ x 12.5″ – And my favorite part – It’s made in the USA.



As I said at the onset, totes are some of more versatile bags. Especially when it comes to everyday tasks. While not practical for travel, it shines when you need a quick way to stash and dash. I found as a gym bag it was great because the open top ventilated my clothing. Since most grocery stores no longer provide bags, a tote is necessary to bag your grub. 

The Nutsac Work Tote has multiple pockets on the exterior and interior. This makes storing small accessories a breeze, but for me the real advantage is the large bucket compartment. I really don’t like having to play Jenga when throwing things in my bag, so being able to lob in an awkward item and go has been a real game changer.


I’m impressed, this tote looks just as good in a workshop as it does at the farmer’s market. The contrasting colors are subtle and do well with incorporating the eventual smudges stains and scuffs it will incur while doing your nefarious bidding. 


The Nutsac Work Tote is a true workhorse, capable of handling all sorts of tasks. The price point is a tad on the high side, however the construction and materials make this a heirloom investment.

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