Buffalo Jackson Dakota Waxed Canvas Shotgun Case Review – $399.95

I purchased my first firearm in my mid 20s, so I was a little late to the game. It was a Remington 870 Marine Magnum, and I bought it for no other reason than it looked beautiful. For years I had it in a cheap, soulless black nylon case. After awhile the case started coming apart and I started my quest to find another carry option. In doing so, I discovered one of our favorite brands over at Bestleather had just the solution. Read on as we review the Buffalo Jackson Dakota Waxed Canvas Shotgun Case.


As the name suggests, the case is made primarily from a heavy 18oz waxed canvas. This gives the case an inherently water resistant finish which is a near requisite for firearm transportation.  We also see full grain, vegetable tanned leather accents at the high wear areas, as well as handles and strap. An acrylic shearling is found lining the case. Copper rivets are found along the bat providing additional reinforcement along with antique brass in the form of zippers and hardware.


Dimensions come in at 52″ L x 8″ H x 2″ W – The Buffalo Jackson website states it is designed to hold up to a 50″ shotgun.


While there is certainly nothing revolutionary about this case, it does have some thoughtful features. The shearling lining is soft and provides a non abrasive housing which protects the special nickel finish of my shotgun. The large zippers are very easy to find and incredibly smooth. The exterior of the case has one zippered pocket for storing shells. 

The case is on the heavy side given the beefy materials but given the can’t have your cake and eat it too mantra, I don’t mind. The adjustable shoulder strap does a nice job of bearing the load regardless. My only desire would have been perhaps one more outer compartment, or perhaps an interior pocket to provide a little extra storage as things tend to just slosh about in the pocket.


Find another case that looks this good, I dare you. The wax canvas always gets compliments at the range. This bag blends classical design elements like waxed canvas and copper rivets so masterfully you almost get a little smug toting it around.


At the end of the day, our firearms are no different than tools. You get out of them what you put in. Take care of your guns and they can last a lifetime. Shelling (No pun intended) out the dough for the Buffalo Jackson Dakota Waxed Canvas Shotgun Case may seem a big pill to swallow, but I’m a fan of the buy the best and only cry once philosophy. 

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