Nutsac Sling Classic Waxed Canvas Pack Review – $189

For years women have enjoyed the privilege of carrying small bags without stigma. Men once enjoyed this basic human right with the satchel, loculus and chaneries. Somewhere between fanny packs and waist bags men lost their way. Thankfully small yet masculine carry options are on the rise and the Nutsac Sling Waxed Canvas Pack executes this need expertly.


One of the first things I noticed on handling the Sling is the beefiness which was surprising given the diminutive size of the pack. The Nutsac Sling is made from a heavy canvas fabric. Leather accents are found on the zippers and exterior patches. The interior features tough nylon molle webbing. The shoulder strap is padded and the canvas has a non greasy, waxed finish that is great at repelling light to moderate rain. 


The Nutsac Sling truly hits the sweet spot for those who need additional carry capacity beyond what can comfortably fit in pockets but without committing to a full fledged backpack. The multiple main compartment zippers allow you to easily access your contents in very specific maneuvers such as across the top or through the sides. The interior molle webbing allows for customization so you’re goods are close by but not in the way, which must be why they call it a Nutsac.

We recently went on a family outing to the aquarium. I was able to pack a few essential items (single diaper, water, some snacks) and we were able to enjoy the trip without being loaded down with a full on diaper bag. The following weekend I used the bag on an afternoon hike, it’s just that versatile.


This sling looks good, it manages to be just the right size to not look goofy while not being too big either. The sleek minimalist design is executed well. I’m not a fan of overly tactical bags so this worked well for my personal style. The leather accents really hit the spot aesthetically. This type of classic styling allows the bag to blend in seamlessly in almost all situations.


If you’re been looking at fanny packs or messengers but want something classy looking and functional, the Nutsac Sling is a great option. The price point, much like all things of high quality, may seem aggressive but this bag will last years. The versatility and compact size means you’ll rarely if ever feel burdened with it on. All in all, it was a great pack to review and one that will continue to see action in the future.

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