North Star Leather Small Bifold Wallet with Window – $24.95

Quality is a difficult term to define. I believe that definitions of quality are unique to an individual’s character, but no matter who you ask, we all can agree on one thing: we know quality when we see it. In the case of North Star Leather Company, they have created quality products at an affordable price. This is the third product from North Star that we have reviewed, and it also does not disappoint. The Small Leather Bifold Wallet with Window is a sensible, quality wallet at an unbeatable price, perfect for a leather beginner without breaking the bank.

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Michael Batson, son of founder Steve Batson, gave us a short history of North Star Leather Co., an great example of a family business who started years ago, building themselves up to be a successful craft leather company.

“My dad started North Star Leather in 1969 doing street vending in Boston (fringe belts, floppy hats, and other “hippy” items). Little by little he grew the company and eventually moved to the rural south; the small town of Ruby, SC, population 354. That was more than 35 years ago and we’ve been making quality leather accessories here ever since. We have 15 employees (4 of whom are family) and are proud to have been able to keep making our products here in the USA without ever considering outsourcing production to cheaper countries.”

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The Small Leather Bifold Wallet is constructed using top-grain leather. The small wallet stands at 4.25 inches long by 4.25 inches wide when it is folded. Inside, the wallet contains “a large cash compartment that opens on two sides for easy access, ID window with a pocket underneath, and three card pockets on the opposite side that open from the side.” A plastic photo holder is also included with the wallet to hold a few meaningful pictures. The small wallet is very sturdy, constructed well, and has actually aged extremely well. The leather is stacked on each other and sewn together, so you do lose the clean line look of the wallet, but at the price, most people would not be hung-up over that for too long.

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As with all wallets, the purpose is pretty straightforward. I am able to carry two IDs, two debit cards, several gift cards, two to three coffee shop stamp cards, and more cash than I probably ought to be carrying. The Small Leather Bifold Wallet with Window has been put to a considerable test. BestLeather has had this wallet for over 1 year and it has performed better than any store bought wallet I have ever had, and at half the price. The Small Bifold functions flawlessly, faithfully carrying anything I throw in it.

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Because this wallet is almost a year old, we have had the opportunity to accurately observe just how much the patina changes in stages. The bifold was very stiff upon delivery, but at the two month mark obvious changes began to occur with the stiffness. After three more months, the texture of the wallet had changed entirely. The bifold had achieved a smooth, shiny patina, which made for an attractive, well-designed wallet. Over the next six months the wallet maintained that attractive patina and has aged wonderfully.

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If you are in the market for a quality leather wallet but do not really want to drop a paycheck on one, check out the North Star Leather Company’s Small Bifold Wallet. I can truthfully say this wallet will last as long as you will, especially if you don’t mind some minor rough edges and are willing to take care of it. I have been very impressed with the North Star Leather Small Bifold, so head over to their website and check out all their reasonably priced, quality products.

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