Noah Marion Quality Goods Dog Collar Review – $67

“Why are you the only one who gets to ride in style?” That is the question asked on the product page for the Noah Marion Quality Goods Dog Collar. And, that’s a darn good question. My answer left me feeling kind of guilty. Which is why I got in touch with Noah to get a collar for my German Shepherd, Sasha.


About Noah Marion Quality Goods

Noah Marion launched his company back in 2006 in Austin, TX. He focuses heavily on untreated, undyed, and naturally vegetable tanned leather. But, in his flagship store you’ll find he brews up some tasty looking espresso and features lots of other really cool stuff. Take a minute (and twenty-two additional seconds) to watch this video of NMQG’s flagship store. In that short span of time you’ll be full of envy for some more NMQG leather, some vintage awesomeness, and perhaps a double shot of good espresso.


The Noah Marion Quality Goods Dog Collar starts with 10 ounce natural, vegetable tanned leather sourced from within the United States. It features hand hammered copper rivets and solid brass buckle, ring, and grommet. The edges of the collar are beveled and burnished.


The collar also sports the NMQG logo and has Sasha stamped into it using nice, bold lettering. This collar can be had in other leather colors as well: black, chestnut, and dark brown. I think the natural color looks great and will develop an awesome patina.



This is a sturdy collar. Sasha requires a large size on Noah’s sizing chart. It fits perfectly and comfortably. It’s thick enough and heavy enough to provide the security needed when walking her on a leash. And, when not on a leash, its color looks fantastic against Sasha’s coat.

The grommet is a nice feature and something that’s missing from most collars. The grommet allows you to easily secure your dog’s tags (license, AKC tag, etc.).



As you know, vegetable tanned leather is a little stiff at first. But, with time and use, it softens up nicely along with developing a patina that makes it unique and all yours. Noah has created a very tasteful looking collar with the leather and components he’s chosen.

Even in the weeks since I’ve had the collar, photographed it, and allowed it to be worn consistently by Sasha, it has softened up nicely. It is slightly darker than when it arrived too. But, the follow up reports on this collar a few months from now is where you will see the biggest change in appearance. I’m looking forward to seeing how the patina develops and the collar darkens. I’m sure it will look even more awesome than it does now.



In a world of ever-increasingly mass produced items, it’s refreshing to find another source of quality, handcrafted goods. It’s easy to just grab a run of the mill nylon, uninspiring collar for your dog at just about any big box store out there. But, if you’re looking for a great collar – made from high quality leather and other components that will compliment your dog’s appearance and serve you well for many, many years to come, then consider ordering your favorite canine companion a Noah Marion Quality Goods Dog Collar. It includes monogramming your dog’s name too (with a choice of monogram colors).

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