New: Saddleback Leather iPhone 5 Leather Sleeve

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If you buy a phone case, especially an expensive one, it can be a pain when the next phone comes out with different dimensions. I am always uncertain about buying leather cases and sleeves for gadgets that change dimensions and ports as new iterations come out, like the MacBook Air Sleeve.

The latest iPhone comes out as too tall for the iPhone 4 sleeves so manufacturers are cranking out iPhone 5 designs. Hopefully those who bought iPhone 4 sleeves can find something to do with them or someone to sell them to.


The new Saddleback Leather iPhone 5 Case is similar to the Saddleback Leather Sleeve Wallet in construction. One piece of 4-5oz. 2mm full grain leather (available in all the delicious colors) wrapped around the iPhone and stitched up with hardcore UV proof polyester thread.

Saddleback Leather iPhone 5 case in Dark Coffee Brown front view


The iPhone 5 slips in snugly. It won’t fall out upside down and it does not suffer the same problem as the MacBook Air Sleeve where the computer is very close to being exposed on the open edge. The iPhone can be slipped further back into the sleeve and then pushed out with the bottom opening.

Saddleback Leather iPhone 5 case in Dark Coffee Brown top view with phone


Saddleback Leather iPhone 5 case in Dark Coffee Brown quarter view

Best Leather conclusion

No doubt it’s a classy sleeve and will last a long time but it will go out of date as the iPhone changes size. Hopefully that won’t be for a while. At  $31 though, not a bad deal. Thumbs up.

You can check the sleeve out on the Saddleback Leather website.

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Nice sleeve. Do you have one that will fit an iphone 5 with a case/bumper?

Thank you.