New Belt From A Simple Leather Belt Co. – The Cinch Belt – $49

There’s a cool new belt from the Ohio based leather belt company aptly named, A Simple Leather Belt Co.. You may not have seen this kind of interesting belt buckle before. Simple Leather Belt Cinch Belt Review3(by Paul Swaim) I’ve always purchased cheap belts and inevitably they gradually decay into terrible looking strips hardly resembling wearable leather. From the time I opened the package I could tell this was another league of belt. It comes in a classy little muslin bag with thin strips of wood cushioning it.

This is the highest quality belt I’ve ever owned. For a solid, thick piece of leather, it is still very flexible. The Wicket & Craig Tannery make great leather for belts. It is thick and yet still remarkably pliable. Break-in is a non-issue. The no-stitch finish looks great, and the inside surface is smooth. It is well finished. I’ve grown tired of stitching on my old belts coming out and either falling apart or becoming irritating if any contact is made with the skin. No stitching on this belt means it’s much cheaper and there are no threads to come apart. Speaking of coming apart, there is nothing to come apart, no threads and no rivets. That’s the interesting genius of this belt. There is nothing to break! The edging is pretty interesting. My belt was electrically burnished as part of a trial run. The production belts will be burnished traditionally with a burnishing wheel. Burnishing is the process of making the edge look and feel smooth. This is usually accomplished with a fast spinning wheel smoothing the edge with friction.

Simple Leather Belt Cinch Belt Review2

The back surface of the belt seems to grip my multitool’s case really well. It doesn’t slide around like my other cheap belts. This is also due to the thickness of the 10-12 ounce leather. It’s nice and heavy. Even though the leather is thick I’m sure a savvy woman could wear this belt very well.

Simple Leather Belt Cinch Belt Review6

The cinch style buckle took getting used to, as any other belt I’ve used has relied on loops or fittings with a long post. I wasn’t sure I’d ever adjust, but that was over in about two days. I can switch between buckle colors, I’m not pulling back hard on the leather to put it on, and it is impossible to miss the tiny post when buckling it. The Cinch belt comes with three different buckles. Two silver buckles in different designs and a sharp looking brass buckle.

Simple Leather Belt Cinch Belt Review1

The ordering process on the company’s website is very easy. Getting the right sized belt and a their lifetime guarantee is not something you get from an $8-$25 belt at a department store. The difference in price is worth it just to not have to worry about a quality belt anymore. I’m already thinking about what I’d get for a second belt.

Simple Leather Belt Cinch Belt Review7

BestLeather conclusions

I recommend configuring the belt order with more than one buckle hole to adjust for weight fluctuations between holidays and new year resolutions.


+ Great look & finish. Well dyed edges.

+ Very strong. Mine has zero perforations other than the buckle holes.

+ Soft finish on the back.

+ Nice packaging. I kept mine for belt (handy on trips as well).

+ Price. $49 is pretty cheap for a custom-sized super-durable classy belt.


– Cinch style took getting used to, but ultimately pretty easy.

Check out the Cinch Belt on the SLB website here.

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