Mujjo Full Leather Wallet Case for iPhone X Review – €49.90

A smart phone skin made with top-quality leather is actually a fairly rare find. A sleeve or fold-over protective cover is more common. This is likely due to the relative thickness of good leather. Making it thin enough to protect a phone and remain unobtrusive is a tricky balance. Mujjo is one of the few companies out there that I’ve come across that has given this a shot with their Full Leather Wallet Case.

About Mujjo

Mujjo is a Dutch designer label that began in 2011. Their attitude towards design is to take something simple and make it as perfect as possible. This has resulted in an impressive lineup of fine leather tech accessories. Each is made to look and feel luxurious while also fulfilling it’s intended function fully. I even noticed a sleek wooden MacBook case they produced in a limited run! In their own words:

We try to make our products as simple, striking and functional as possible. This is something that dates back to our early days and will continue as we challenge ourselves going forwards.

Leather & Construction

As the name indicates, the outer surface of the Mujjo case is made with full grain leather. This thin layer is stretched over a rigid plastic material for shape, and a soft velvet material rests against the back of the phone. On the back is a leather sleeve for up to three credit cards, carefully stitched onto the case. Overall, there are no obvious issues with construction, and all materials are of high quality. After several months of typical use, I see very few signs of wear. Impressive for a phone case made with a soft outer material.

I did have one issue with the very thin strip of material surrounding the mute switch on my iPhone X. As I mentioned, making a quality leather phone skin thin and unobtrusive is a challenge. Mujjo has done a fantastic job of keeping this case as thin and sleek as possible, but this also means the case is conforms very tightly to your phone–and can be quite difficult to remove. While removing it from my phone I managed to crack the part of the case around the mute switch. Mujjo tells me that this is something they’ve improved in continuing iterations of the design. Their cases are backed by a two-year warranty. A customer would receive a replacement without charge if this happened to their purchase. A two-year warranty is excellent…most phone owners tend to use a phone for two years before upgrading.


For me, the important aspects of a phone case are, first and foremost, how well it protects your phone, but also how little it hinders the functions of your phone.

First, protection. The Mujjo case isn’t the type that will protect your phone if you throw it across the room at a brick wall, but short of this, it should be very well protected. The Mujjo case has kept my investment safe through some small accidental drops. The lip of the case comes ever-so-slightly above the surface of the screen, to protect against face-first falls. Your pricey iPhone X, in the course of normal use, should remain pristine in the Mujjo Full Leather case.

Next, phone functions. Buttons are covered, but a careful indentation in the leather is recessed around them. Tactile response, while muffled, is still sufficient. The tightness of the case helps in ensuring button presses don’t require extra force.

The Mujjo case leaves plenty of room open around the screen and ports, which is especially important with the edge-to-edge screen of the iPhone X. Drops on flat surfaces will still be stopped by the raised edges, but there’s no hindrance while in use. Mujjo has found a good balance in this regard.

The leather is smooth, but has texture for grip. The profile of the case is fairly minimal. While not ultra thin, I found the added thickness to be unobtrusive. The card sleeve functions as expected, and saved me frustration several times when I didn’t have my wallet on me!


One consideration that should be addressed is the fairly obvious comparison to Apple’s own similarly priced leather case. I haven’t used Apple’s version extensively, but a few things stood out when I was able to handle one for a short time. Mujjo’s case is a hair larger and uses a higher caliber leather. Apple’s case uses machined aluminum buttons, giving a better tactile response. Mujjo may be edged out in sleekness, but will win out in phone protection and offers twice the warranty.


Mujjo’s approach to simplicity in design results in a sleek, beautiful case. I find it highly complementary to my Space Gray iPhone X, in both color and shaping. Button recesses are smooth and don’t disrupt the lines of the case. The design is subtle, uniform, and a great pleasure to look at.


I’m happy to recommend the Mujjo Full Leather Wallet Case. It looks great, feels great, and offers a good level of protection for your phone. The staff over at Mujjo will have your back should you run into the issue I did around the mute button. At €49.90 (~$60 at time of writing), it’s pricier than simple cases, but is highly competitive with top of the line phone cases, particularly any made with fine leather. Mujjo makes cases for other phones and tech as well, so head over to their website to see for yourself.

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