Introducing SALT Co. Leather

We love to see new leather companies starting off on the right foot here at BestLeather. Today I’d like to introduce Standard Artisan Leather Trading Company, or SALT Co. for short. This Salt Lake City, Utah based company opened for business only a few months ago and primarily makes leather bags. Full grain leather, brass hardware, polyester thread, and function-focused designs are beautiful and come with a lifetime guarantee.

Some of you may have noticed these bags look quite familiar. Unfortunately, regardless of the quality of the product, some companies aren’t able to remain in business. Such was the case for the former Kendal & Hyde. However, thanks to SALT Co. bringing Kendal onto their team, many of his designs have been revived. Some minor design tweaks and improvements have been made but the heart of what made Kendal’s artistry so popular remains.

We got our hands on this gorgeous briefcase and have been using it–look forward to a full review in a month or so. Until then feel free to check out the other wares at SALT Co. Leather.


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Computer engineering graduate student, research assistant, DJ. Lover of music, volleyball, good conversation, cold milk, corgis, and the work of passionate leather artisans.

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Steve Connors
Steve Connors

Kendal shouldn’t be allowed near a leather business (or any business for that matter) until he makes right with all the customers and vendors he stole 100s of thousands of dollars from.


Will he be ripping people off with this company, too?