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Anyone who has lived in a cold climate in the 21st century knows the deal. It’s cold–really cold. You’re walking to your car or enjoying the big game at the stadium. You’re already having a hard time keeping your hands warm, and the last thing you want to do is take them out of your pockets, out of your gloves, and expose them to the weather. But you have to answer that call or text or check something on the internet. You either have to make your hands suffer, use your nose, or try those cheap thin gloves that claim to have touchscreen capability but never do and don’t keep your hands warm anyway. Or you could use the Mujjo Double-Insulated Touchscreen Gloves.

About Mujjo

Mujjo (pronounced ‘moo-joe’) is a Dutch designer label that began in 2011. Their attitude towards design is to take something simple and make it as perfect as possible. This has resulted in an impressive lineup of fine leather tech accessories. Each is made to look and feel luxurious while also fulfilling it’s intended function fully. In their own words:

We try to make our products as simple, striking and functional as possible. This is something that dates back to our early days and will continue as we challenge ourselves going forwards.

Materials & Construction

There’s clearly two focuses in the assembly of these gloves: keeping your hands warm and letting them use a touch screen. These gloves are assembled with several layers of warmth, including a 3M Thinsulate layer. The materials are enhanced to work with a touchscreen using a conductive treatment on the fabric. To make smart device use even better, grips are placed in strategic spots on the palms and fingers and the material is assembled to try to maximize flexibility in the thumb. 

These materials are very well assembled. Stitches are strong, and both from visual inspection and use I’m given the impression of longevity. In the few months I’ve been testing these gloves they’ve held up perfectly and show no signs of wear.


If you’re looking for slim, fashionable gloves that keep you warm in extremely cold weather, look no further. These gloves are incredibly warm. If I put them on before I step outside, my hands start to sweat! I was recently stuck in an arm immobilizing sling for 6 weeks. My sling hand wasn’t moving and I couldn’t put it in my pocket or protect it with a jacket. As a result, it was always cold and my skin would get really dry in the winter weather. These gloves were the solution. 

Next let’s look at the touch screen performance. I’d say these are a step above less expensive touch screen gloves, but not quite like using your bare hands. I was impressed to sometimes be able to even play mobile games with the gloves on, with near-perfect responsiveness. However, there were also frustrating times when it felt like I couldn’t get any touches to register without trying different fingers or swiping. I wasn’t able to figure out when this happened, so I asked Mujjo about it. Turns out, this can happen when it’s simply too warm! The way the conductive treatment works actually performs best in colder temperatures, so if you want to use a touchscreen, best to take them off indoors.

Other touchscreen features work really well. The silicone pads are in just the right spots to help you have a sure grip on your device. These are also definitely the warmest gloves I’ve worn that provide a fair amount of finger dexterity, allowing you to reach the far corners of your smart phone. These gloves seem to have been designed with real hand mechanics in mind, and the bit of stretch helps as well. 

A quick note on sizing for anyone looking to order: after measuring with their sizing tools, I was between a medium and large, and Mujjo suggested a large size to me. I think I probably could have gone either way here, as the gloves are just a hair big on me. This will probably come down to personal preference if, like me, you find yourself between sizes. 


Hard to go wrong with slim profile, black gloves. You’ll fit in just fine out playing in the snow or heading to a board meeting. The Mujjo gloves are both professional and discrete. They have a bit of a driver’s glove appearance to them and are very attractive.


I’d recommend the Mujjo Double-Insulated Touchscreen Gloves to anyone who is in need of a very, very warm set of gloves that aren’t bulky and come with some added touchscreen capabilities (if you don’t need bitter-freezing capable gloves, Mujjo have a standard insulated glove as well!). They’re reasonably priced and are far more functional than any other glove I’ve used that’s able to handle such low temperatures.

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Computer engineering graduate student, research assistant, DJ. Lover of music, volleyball, good conversation, cold milk, corgis, and the work of passionate leather artisans.

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