Moore & Giles Half Zip Wallet Review – $140


Everybody has one, and there are countless iterations.  Some are made of leather.  Some are made of pleather.  Some are made of of nylon and Velcro, and some are made of duct tape.  In a world of dull, run of the mill wallets, it is refreshing when you see one that it is unique and has some character.  Unique was probably the first word that came to mind when I saw the Half Zip Wallet from Moore & Giles.  I don’t know that I’ve ever seen a mens wallet that has a zipper, but it just happens to be fitting for this design.  The Half Zip Wallet is the brainchild of Thomas Brennan, designer with Moore & Giles.



Moore & Giles is chiefly a leather producing company.  They produce finished leathers for the high-end hospitality, aviation, and residential interior design industries.  Born in 1933 by Donald Graeme Moore (if you know anything about Moore & Giles you’ll notice that many of their products have names like The Donald, Graeme, Brennan, etc, which are all named after current and past employees of the company), Moore & Giles initially sold components for the footwear industry and eventually expanded that to shoe leathers. leather linings, and sole leather.  As excellent companies do, they have continually shifted strategy to meet the needs of a changing market and found a burgeoning business in the high-end leather trade.  Fairly recently, the company has added a line of high-end leather goods, which upholds the company’s tradition of producing a fine quality product.  The Half Zip Wallet that BestLeather had the opportunity of reviewing is no exception.


The Half Zip wallet is made of two primary components, one piece of two to three ounce vegetable tanned leather for the exterior and a tonal waxed canvas lining for the interior.  As frequent visitors to know, vegetable tanned leather is known for its durability and quality.  It takes significantly longer to vegetable tan leather, and the result is a hardy product that ages well over time.  Moore & Giles has their leather tanned at a factory in Italy known for producing some of the finest leathers in the world.  Combining veg tanned leather with waxed canvas makes sense, considering waxed canvases water resistant properties.  Originating in the sailing industry in Scotland in the 1920’s, waxed canvas has become the go-to material for many bag and apparel manufacturers because of its durability and waterproof properties.


The leather is Hickory, or light brown, color that will patina over time into a golden bronze.  The canvas is a pale tan color and the combination of the two colors marry well.

The edges of the Half Zip Wallet, including the zipper pull, have all been burnished as well.  At BestLeather, we love to see edges burnished because it shows a higher degree of finish, which both increases the beauty of the product and also gives the edge increased durability and protection against abrasion.  It is another sign of a quality product.



The Half Zip wallet’s signature design is the zipper.  As mentioned, I have never seen a mens wallet with a zipper, but it makes sense.  We carry some of the most valuable stuff we own in our wallet, namely our money, credit cards, driver’s license, and our Papa Murphy’s frequent use card.  It makes sense to stuff all of those valuable items into a wallet that stays closed no matter what.  You can also add a little coinage for those that still frequent bubble gum machines without worrying about losing your quarters.


The wallet also has a thin piece of leather folded over and sewn into the interior of the wallet which you can use to place your credit cards.  It’s a nice feature that gives the wallet some compartmentalization, and allows you to keep some organization within your wallet as opposed to everything floating about.



As a specialist in the finished leather market, Moore & Giles knows how to put fine leather goods together that work well.  In my opinion, most wallets should be somewhat thin, considering we sit on them throughout the day.  The Half Zip wallet is very thin, but is still substantial enough to carry everything you need.  Even after stuffing several credit cards and some bills in the wallet and zipping it up and throwing it in my back pocket, I hardly noticed it.  It has a small footprint while being able to carry what you need in a wallet at the same time.  That is not an easy accomplishment, but Moore & Giles has done it well and done it in style.



If you are an individual who is bored of their plain ole’ bi-fold and wants something unique, durable, and stylish in a wallet, the Half Zip Wallet from Moore & Giles would be an excellent choice.  Though spendy for a wallet at $140, you get a wallet that fits well on the haunches, that has a lot of utility while still remaining simple, and that is truly unique in a sea of boring wallets.


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