Mohinders City Slippers Solid Review – $165

I’m no stranger to the awesomeness that is Mohinders. I reviewed their classic City Slippers 2 years ago and aside from my belt, they were probably my most used leather piece. The slip on and go functionality quickly won me over. When I moved this year to the east coast and forgot to pack them, you can imagine my dismay. However, they’re back with the Mohinders City Slipper in Solid, and I’m excited to give them a go.


The City Slippers are constructed from water buffalo leather. Locally sourced botanical tanning agents free of chemicals are used in treating the leather.  The cavani style of weaving brings the upper and natural crepe sole together. The Mohinders branding can be found on the inside heel. The footbed is firmly padded. The slippers are made by hand in India by a group of skilled artisans. Seriously, go on the Mohinders website and check out the bios of the men behind the shoes. 

The Cavani weave replaces typical stitching and is a lot more durable than thread.


Let me state one thing right away, the City Slippers are stiff out of the box.  I could barely get my foot in.  This wasn’t my first Mohinder rodeo though, I knew I had to work at them a little. After about 2 weeks of somewhat uncomfortable wear I was rewarded with a very good fit that stretched to the exact dimensions of my foot. This may be a turnoff for some, but it’s worth the effort.

I’m not a traditional sandals guy and I loathe flip flops so the City Slippers offer a great compromise. They stay on your feet well and offer above average comfort from a leather slipper.  They’re great for warm weather outings and the slip on/slip off functionality will win you over in no time.  Great for the beach as the solid leather covers your foot and keeps small rocks and other debris out. This model lacks the breathability of it’s woven brother but I prefer this closed toe design.

Perfect for lazy Sunday afternoons.


These are good looking slippers. I almost dislike referring to them as slippers, lest images of bunny shoes and Isotoners come to mind. The clean, uncluttered design makes these babies instant classics. I’ll admit, the original Mohinders took some getting used to stylistically for me. I liked these right out of the box. Paired with seersucker 7” inseam shorts, Oxford with rolled up sleeves and you’re doing damage! They’re stylish which too in a way can limit them. I definitely wouldn’t wear them with gym shorts or cargos, but this is America and you can if you want. The leather will darken and take on a more golden hue as they wear in, I really like this and enjoy the character they develop as I use them.


If you can get past the pricing, I think the Mohinders City Slippers are a great summer footwear option. They break the tired mold of flip flops and offer a more versatile wearing experience. The company’s efforts in making this an ethically sourced product are admirable as well.

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