Mission Mercantile Stateroom Wash Bag – $225

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If you are anything like myself there are goods that you typically don’t think much about. In my case, this fell in the category of my toiletries bag. I never gave much thought to the hideous looking black pleather monstrosity that held my toiletries when traveling. I just assumed that everyone dealt with flaking pretend leather, crushed toiletries, and an eyesore on the counter holding their various products of choice. Once I got my hands on the Stateroom Wash Bag I knew that was a thing of the past.

The Stateroom Wash Bag is a handsome bag indeed.


As soon as you put your hands on the Stateroom Wash Bag you know that you have a serious piece of leather that is going to last long enough to pass on to your children. It is constructed with vegetable tanned leather, durable solid metal YKK zippers, and brass feet on the bottom. The stitching is immaculate and robust, and the inside of the bag is lined with an easily cleaned water repellent fabric. The bottom of the bag gives just enough structure to not crush completely while being soft enough to be easily pack-able.

The inside of the bag stays organized while leaving room for larger items.

Function and Aesthetic

The design of this particular wash bag is extremely thought out. The high stress points are sewn extremely well, and the bottom where it will get the most wear has extra rivets added for durability. There is also a handle on one side to help carry the bag if you are anywhere you might need to travel to the bathroom and not want to leave your items there.

The handle is attached well, and the bottom has rivets for added durability.

Just a few of the things I travel with. Much more than this will fit of course.

The interior of the bag is fairly simple, including only a couple open pockets and one zippered pocket allowing for some organization while leaving a large space to store your various products.

The Stateroom Wash bag features a great looking water repellent lining.

In my use of the bag I ended up with some shaving cream leaking out (my fault for not putting the cap on) and put the liner to the test, which it passed with flying colors cleaning up easily. I’ve taken this on a few trips now and it has performed spectacularly. My family no longer has to look at an eyesore when I visit, none of my toiletries have gotten damaged, and thanks to the well placed brass feet even when the sink gets wet the bottom of the bag isn’t soaked.

Brass feet on the bottom of the bag, because no one likes their goods getting soaked.

If I had to issue a complaint it would be that initially the zippers on the bag could bite your hand while moving goods to and from the bag due to the stiffness of the leather. With a little bit of use that problem has almost completely disappeared but I did end up with a few scratched knuckles.


If you or someone you know is looking for an upgrade for their toiletry travel bag you don’t need to look any further than the Stateroom Wash Bag from Mission Mercantile. While it certainly costs more than your typical toiletry bag from a bargain store this will be the last one you, and possibly your favorite child will have to buy.


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