Minimum Squared Slim Wallet – €165

Typically we look to leather to provide us with very durable goods. To be honest, it can be rare to see a large amount of variation in the design of those products. That’s why the Minimum Squared Slim Wallet stands out quite a bit. It’s made with tried-and-true Chromexcel leather, but designed in a completely unique way. While remaining highly functional, the Slim Wallet is both beautiful and slim.

About Minimum Squared

Minimum Squared is the product of a couple, Adrian and Senala, who were seeking to fill a need of their own. This attempt was so successful that it became a commercial success. It began with their Red Dot Design Award-winning Slim Wallet Elastic, which we had the pleasure of reviewing a few years ago (check it out here for even more about Minimum Squared), and has evolved to a collection of four wallets. Today we’ll visit the Slim Wallet, a slightly modified version of their flagship wallet. We will also be reviewing the rest of their new models in the upcoming months.

Construction & Leather

When I first received the Slim Wallet and was looking it over, I realized something incredible: this is all one piece of leather! The leather is cleverly cut, folded, and stitched into a slim and highly functional wallet.

The leather is Horween Chromexcel, which means pull-up and a soft yet sturdy feel. The Chromexcel is some of the thinnest I’ve seen used. This allows the wallet to be extremely minimal and remain very functional, though it may prevent it from holding up for a lifetime. Chromexcel is, however, extremely durable, and the Slim Wallet will certainly last for many years to come.

Thread is polyester and saddle stitched, so both material and method are of the highest quality.

The Slim Wallet is cleverly designed, uses fantastic materials, and is expertly assembled.


The Slim Wallet is a pleasure to use. The amount it can hold and remain as slim as it does, complements of the thin Chromexcel and clever one-piece design, is truly incredible. Both cards and currency are easy to place and easy to remove.

The four card pockets can hold a total of 10 credit cards. Each of these pockets is designed just so to hold either two or three cards. Sometimes card pockets need some real break-in to make cards easy to access, but not so with the Slim Wallet. The smooth chromexcel and perfectly sized pockets make them slide in and out with ease from day one.

The cash pocket is uniquely designed in that one side isn’t stitched closed. This makes it easy to hold open the cash pocket, see all of your bills or receipts, and remove and replace them quickly. There is much less push and pull on the bills you don’t need to access.

The Slim Wallet remains very thin even with a full load of cash and cards. This is even more impressive considering the width and height–as Minimum Squared intended, it’s barely larger than the profile of the credit cards it’s meant to hold. This is the only folded wallet I’ve managed to forget was in my pocket. It also fits really well in the hands when you’re using it.

The only functional difference between the Slim Wallet and the Slim Wallet Elastic, as you might be able to guess, is the elastic. This means the Slim Wallet will need to be closed with the thin flap hidden behind the full-sized folds. In addition, the Slim Wallet is only offered in Chromexcel, where the Elastic is only offered in goat leather.


The look of the Slim Wallet is simple and understated. It’s hard to go wrong with Horween’s color #8. It’s a gorgeous deep red, and the Slim Wallet shows it off well. The design itself is very aesthetic as well, particularly when you take a closer look and realize how clever it is. There aren’t any rough edges exposed, only smooth folds. Stitching is impressively uniform (and can be a variety of colors of your choosing). The Slim Wallet is beautiful in its functionality and simplicity, not from any excess or flashiness.


Minimum Squared’s Slim Wallet is a fantastic evolution of their award-winning Elastic. It’s one of the most clever designs I’ve ever seen. Yet this clever design is not at all just for the sake of being clever or for looks: the Slim Wallet is pure functionality. The surprising amount of cards and cash it can hold are always easy to access, and the slim form won’t take up almost any space in your pocket. All of this functionality doesn’t sacrifice the Slim Wallet’s simple and beautiful look. It’s certainly on the pricey side, but you’re getting what you pay for. I highly recommend this excellent wallet.

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