Lombardi Buckleless Leather Belt First Impressions – $149

A belt is overall a very simple product. It’s rare to see a lot of variance in how they work. Today we’re happy to introduce an exception to this standard. The Lombardi buckleless leather belt uses a special twisted loop of leather to hold the belt in place instead of the classic buckle. This belt is sure to stand out from the crowd while maintaining both quality and function.

About Lombardi

Francis Lombardi originally made one of his signature belts for himself. After enough questions and compliments had accrued, he decided to start making them for other people, and in 2012, Lombardi was formed. Lombardi prides itself on handcrafting all of their goods to be both stylish and of the highest caliber.

Construction & Leather

The Lombardi belt is made with thick (probably around 8oz) vegetable-tanned full grain leather and thick stitching. Cutting and stitching is done by hand. The saddle stitch follows the entire edge of the belt, enhancing the look but also minimizing stretch in the belt over time.

Construction is overall top notch, and only shows minimal variance that would be expected with a handmade product. The leather and thread is going to see a lot of wear and tear because of the design of this belt, but the materials are high caliber and should last for many years.


This is where the Lombardi buckleless belt is really going to differ from most any other belt. I wasn’t sure what to expect before I actually was able to use it for myself. As you might expect, the twisted loop closure takes a bit of getting used to!

The method isn’t too complex. The thin end of the belt is passed through the two horizontal holes, turned down through the vertical ones, and then back over itself through the horizontal holes again, creating a tight loop. While this might sound strange, looking at the photos should help in understanding how this works, and instructions are included with the belt.

It was frankly a little frustrating at first. I had to develop a technique where I hold the belt in place while tying the loop to keep it from sliding. It was slow going, but I did get faster. I’m not sure this will ever be as quick as a standard pronged buckle, but it’s sort of like having buckles on a bag instead of a zipper or quick-release closures: it may take an extra moment or two, but there’s a reward for your extra effort. There’s no buckle, which is really nice in some situations, and the look is unmatched.

Most people that see this belt quickly ask if it really does hold tight like a buckled belt. Yes, it does. I’ve only been able to use this belt for a couple weeks, but so far I’ve had no issues at all. The twisted loop is very tight, and I don’t see this changing anytime soon.


This is another area where the Lombardi buckleless belt differs itself quite a bit from the pack. I’m a big fan of how this belt looks. The twisted loop catches a lot of eyes. The stitching accents the folds and turns well so you can see easily how the closure works. I had some friends see the belt on my counter and doubt that it would look good, only to change their tune once I actually put it on and twisted the loop. This particular color, Brits Brown, is one of Lombardi’s best sellers, and for good reason. It’s good a deep red-brown hue that looks fantastic and fits in in nearly any situation.


The Lombardi buckleless leather belt is a stand-out belt both in look and function. The construction and materials are top notch, and should endure being looped around your waist for a good many years to come, looking better and better each time. It may take some getting used to, but if you’re looking for something unique to freshen up your belt loops, I recommend giving this belt your consideration.

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