Melin The Legend Hydro Dad Hat Review – $79

It’s very subtle and happens statistically somewhere from age 28 to 38. You purchase a pair of white New Balance shoes or decide to up your 401k another 2% – The teenager bagging groceries refers to you as “mister” and you like a multivitamin with added calcium….you’ve achieved Dadhood. With all it’s kinks however, being a dad has perks. You realize who you are and embrace it. It can still be a rocky road, but Melin has a tool to help navigate this somewhat tumultuous time in your life, the Legend Hydro.


The Legend Hydro operates like any self respecting cranium coddler. Melin’s proprietary material does a great job of repelling water from the outside while also letting your head breathe. This hat features an adjustable strap for a precise fit, in my opinion it works better than a snapback. The bill hits that sweet spot of being just big enough to keep the sun out of your eyes without looking like you’re wearing the overpriced Goofy lip hat pawned off at Disneyland resorts.


The most noticeable difference with the Legend from Melin’s other offerings is the unstructured fit, giving it that old school dad hat vibe. I love it because it offers a more casual, laid back vibe and the curved bill is reminiscent of old school baseball caps.


The Legend Hydro Hat by Melin is a great option for those who need a low key, performance driven hat. The price is on the high side for baseball caps, but actually one of Melin’s more affordable options. Given it will likely outlast most caps three to one, it’s actually a bargain.