Melin Odyssey Scout Thermal Hat Review -$99

As much as it sucks saying sayanora to summer, we can’t help but get hyped for cooler weather. Typically at this time we swap out our flip flops for boots, our tanks for parkas and our caps for beanies…but what if it didn’t have to be this way. We discovered possibly the best winter hat – Read on for yourself in this Melin Odyssey Scout Thermal review. 


Right out of the box we discovered why this cap will set you back a cool hundo. The upper portion is made of Merino wool. The properties of Merino wool are well known in the outdoors. Wool regulates temperature (expands in heat to increase airflow, constricts in cold to limit heat escape) provides a measure of water resistance and stays worm even when wet.

The brim utilizes a Nappa Leather hide. Obviously we love the inclusion of any leather, but here it makes extra sense. The brim is the most handled portion of a hat, and the leather can take the abuse of repeated handling. We also see leather used on the strap as well. The hat is somewhat heavy due to the premium materials, but is a small con to the overwhelming pros. 


It gets chilly here in the Keystone state and the Odyssey Scout Thermal does a great job cutting off the chill. The raised crest of the Scout works great as an insulating chamber over the forehead area. Granted, your ears are exposed so either get come ear muffs or look into Melin’s Lumberjack Thermal which has ear flaps if you want added protection. 

This hat feels so comfortable, the sweatband is soft and cradles your dome gently. Thanks to the heat regulating properties of wool, if you go inside or warm up do to physical activity the wool fibers will naturally expand to allow heat to escape so you’re not constantly taking off and putting it on. 


This is one beautiful gnome home for your chrome dome. The leather harmoniously contrasts the wool upper in such a provocative manner it’s almost inappropriate. Roll that beautiful bean footage.


We were thoroughly  impressed with Melin’s Odyssey Thermal Hat. The blend of premium materials, craftsmanship and execution make for a much needed alternative to the boring beanie. The price is definitely a consideration, but if you’re in a hat most of your waking hours, its a no brainer.

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