Mario Latorre Bottini Review – $565

I have always been one to appreciate the finer things in life. I enjoy expensive clothes, shoes, food, products, and cars. A life of luxury and quality will forever be one of my ambitions. This desire of mine has been satiated for the time being by the Mario Latorre Bottini briefcase. This luxurious bag will change the way you carry yourself when it’s worn, change your opinion on expensive leather goods, and open your eyes to the world of technologically advanced and tested leather.


About Mario Latorre

I know we have mentioned Las Vegas and Fashion Week several times. But it really was a fantastic event for BestLeather. We met so many new companies and made so many new contacts. Mario Latorre was one of the companies who invited us in to their booth to talk and show off a beautiful line of leather products. Right from their “About Us” tab: “At Mario Latorre, we strive to bring classy and trendy designs to the modern man, with superb materials gathered from various countries. Elegance, quality and attention to detail is our mission, and we provide our customers with a unique experience and total satisfaction.” This company is dedicated to the fashionable man, and the Bottini Briefcase is an immaculate demonstrative piece.



The Bottini is constructed using some of the finest materials I have seen all in one bag. The premium black leather, quality Italian hardware, and red suede lining all come together in a classy, fashionable bag. The Bottini bag boasts nano-technology treated leather– the same leather used in BMW and McLaren automobile interiors. It undergoes numerous tests for quality and is absolutely long-lasting. The outside has one large zipper pocket, with a medium-sized zipper pocket on the same side within the bag. The other side of the inner lining consists of three pen or pencil slots, a phone or accessory sleeve, and three business card sleeves. My favorite part about this bag is how much space there is to put a computer, documents, and notepads. Built 15.5” long by 11.5” high and 4.5” wide, it will fit several notepads and documents alongside my MacBook Air.





I have used this bag steadily for the last few weeks. It comes with me to college, coffee shops, and BestLeather meetings. The Bottini consistently functions flawlessly, and I am always pleased to be wearing the bag. It exudes class and elegance yet also functions in a way many other leather bags do not. The nanoparticles reinforced in the leather allow it to function in all climates and seasons. The water-resistant coating gives this leather briefcase one more advantage over other natural bags. I have used the Bottini in the rain once, on accident, and each raindrop seamlessly ran off. The Bottini does everything I need a leather briefcase to do and more. Overall, the Bottini is a consistently modern functioning bag that I love to use as often as I can.



The elegant aesthetic is this bag’s most dominant asset. The clean black leather, contrasted with the soft, red suede lining gives the Bottini a professional attitude. The metal hardware is consistently flashy, but gives the Bottini the desired fashionable appearance. The only aspect of this bag that functions differently are the soft leather handles. The model I have is the older edition, and this issue of a too soft handle has been addressed in the newest model, which is available on the Mario Latorre website. It is obvious that much time, skill, and craftsmanship went in to making the Bottini perfect.



If luxury and elegance is as important to you as it is to me, the Mario Latorre Bottini briefcase is an appropriate choice. At $565, the Bottini is an investment, but one that will make a statement everywhere you go and last for quite a long time. It definitely qualifies as a Buy It for Life item. My experience with Mario Latorre has been a relished one, and their products reflects the type of leather company that BestLeather enjoys working with and suggesting to our readers. Head over to their website now to check out all of their fashionable leather bags and accessories.


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