Mario Latorre Baroni Rustico Review – $385

Working with leather companies has grown to be one of my favorite things. From the initial email to the phone call discussing a company and its products, it is truly a unique and enjoyable job. I have dealt with numerous leather companies, and each time I am always impressed with their passion and purpose in the leather field. Every company has a different take on products and an individual style. Mario Latorre has consistently been one of the most enjoyable companies to work with. Their passion for quality, masculine style, and truly high-quality bags were enough to make me ask for a round two. This time around we’ll be looking at the Baroni Rustico—a rustic take on a modern style bag.

Mario Latorre Baroni Rustico 8

About Mario Latorre

We discovered Mario Latorre at a Las Vegas fashion expo, where they invited us in to their booth to talk and show off a beautiful line of leather products. Their products immediately impressed the BestLeather team. It was a genuinely enjoyable and informative encounter. Right from their “About Us” tab: “At Mario Latorre, we strive to bring classy and trendy designs to the modern man, with superb materials gathered from various countries. Elegance, quality and attention to detail is our mission, and we provide our customers with a unique experience and total satisfaction.”

This company is dedicated to the fashionable man, and the Baroni Rustico is a perfect example of this philosophy. Once again I am more than pleased to have the opportunity to work with Mario Latorre and their elegant products.

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Mario Latorre Baroni Rustico 6

Construction and Function

The Baroni Rustico boasts Nano-technology treated leather– the same leather used in BMW and McLaren automobile interiors. It undergoes numerous tests for quality and is absolutely long lasting. Like the previous Mario Latorre bag I reviewed, the Bottini, the invisible layer of Nano-technology has come in handy several times this year. The outside, which has a large slim pocket running across the length, features a phone sleeve, card slots, and several penholders for easy organization that stays flat underneath the flap. This is convenient so you don’t have to unzip the main pouch to access your stuff. The inside of the bag is quite minimalistic, with one main zippered pouch and a smaller zippered pocket along the back.

Mario Latorre Baroni Rustico3

Built 14” long by 12” high and just 3” wide, this bag stays nice and slim. There’s not a ton of room, but you can easily fit a laptop and notebook. I have taken this messenger to several coffee shops and stores, and every time it does its job flawlessly. The organizational pouches on the front also give everything a specific place to maintain that slim look. Two strong hidden magnets keep the flap closed while eliminating the need for a buckle, again adding to the sleek look.


The Baroni Rustico is a rustic style of the classic messenger mixed with modern essentials. The inside of the bag is minimal, but not to the point of ineffectiveness. The deep brown color does not clash with anything, and it always looks sophisticated when worn because of its simple, stylish design. The shoulder strap is quite comfortable, and can also easily be adjusted to your body. I have been pleased time and again with how this bag performs, appears, and feels, especially after several compliments on the Baroni Rustico when I would wear it out. It is extremely obvious that this bag is high quality. If you are looking for a modern messenger bag that still has the rustic, masculine appearance, I highly recommend the Baroni Rustico.

Mario Latorre Baroni RusticoMario Latorre Baroni Rustico7


Overall I am very pleased by my experiences with Mario Latorre and their stylish products. Both leather bags I have reviewed are extremely well made. The Baroni Rustico is a solid choice for the guy in search of a modern, slim bag with a rustic edge. While the price tag may seem a bit high at $385, the Baroni Rustico is definitely worth the investment. Head over to Mario Latorre’s website and check out their fine selection of leather products and accessories.

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