Mack Provisions Vintage Baseball Glove Minimalist Wallet Review – $70

If there’s one item we see the most at BestLeather, it’s wallets. For the most part, they’re all made of excellent materials and feature quality craftsmanship, so much so, that reviewing them for me has almost become a jaded experience. However when I came across Mack Provisions Vintage Baseball Glove Minimalist Wallet, I got that giddy wallet fever and had to check it out.


The intriguing aspect of these wallets is that they’re made from vintage baseball gloves. The brands used can differ, and each wallet is unique.

The Barbour thread really does a great job blending in. Notice how it closely resembles the original thread on the Rawlings patch.

The years typically range from the 1940s-1960s. A very cool requirement is that the original gloves have to have been originally made in the US.  The thread used is American made Yellow Barbour’s 6 cord linen thread. The edges are beveled and hand-burnished with beeswax. The wallet consists of a single card compartment and money strap on back. Measures 4”x3”


This is definitely a minimalist wallet.  The single card compartment doesn’t offer much organization but it does challenge you to trim your carry. Most of my loyalty and membership cards are digitally stored on my phone, which allows me a light wallet. This is great for my ID, credit card and other essentials.

The money strap works as long as you have enough cash to keep it snug. I’m personally using a paper clip to keep the cash in one wad then securing it inside the strap which allows for easier retrieval.  The slim design is great for front pocket carry.

Cash retrieval can be quite difficult. so I accelerated the break in by stretching the strap with some playing cards.


In my humble opinion, this is hands down the coolest wallet I’ve reviewed for BestLeather. The style harkens back to golden age Americana. The wallet is cleverly built around key focal points from its previous life as a baseball glove.

This wallet just exudes nostalgia and reminds me of simpler times, so definitely fun to carry some of that magic on a daily basis.

The Rawlins patch off center really catches the eye and the “oil treated” stamp on the money strap is a great touch. I will admit this wallet doesn’t have that great leather aroma I always look forward to, it smells like…well it smells like a 50 year old baseball glove. The character of this wallet is definitely there and so is the spirit.


I haven’t had this much fun reviewing a wallet in awhile. Mack Provisions Vintage Baseball Glove Minimalist Wallet is an aesthetic treat. While the simplicity takes a  functionality hit, a little honing of your wallet essentials can make it work. At $70 bucks, it’s pricey given the leather, but the spirit of the piece definitely trumps most wallets.

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