Loyal Stricklin Front Pocket Wallet Review – $89.99

There are countless different types of front pocket wallets available, but few are as good as the one from Loyal Stricklin. Michael Stricklin started the company for a reason we hear a lot around here; he was tired of only having low quality goods available. Michael and his small band of artisans took it upon themselves to set things right and they nailed it. All of their products are meticulously handmade in an old railway depot in Opelika, AL using only US sourced materials to create simple, functional pieces of art that will serve their owners well for many years to come.

Loyal Stricklin 1


The construction of the wallet is impeccable. Loyal Stricklin uses tried-and-true Horween Dublin leather, heavy-duty stitching, and durable hardware and finishes the wallet off with clean, burnished edges. After a month of daily use and close inspection, I couldn’t find any faults in the build quality.

Loyal Stricklin 2


I have always really loved the idea of front pocket wallets, especially for travel, but due to their size, I never found them practical for everyday use, that is, until this one. Loyal Stricklin has developed a design that easily fits in the front pocket and carries all the cash, cards, and all of the miscellaneous stuff that I carry in my everyday wallet.

Loyal Stricklin 3

So how does Loyal Stricklin do this? First they made the wallets primary function as a card holder. The pocket is nice and wide so that I can easily fit up to ten different cards into it and once the flap is secured; there is no possible way for any cards to fall out of the wallet. The cash is held in by a tight flap on the back of the wallet. Even the flap has a small pocket that I have found useful for stashing a house key, a useful and necessary feature since I often lock myself out.

Loyal Stricklin 4

Although this wallet has become my everyday carrier, there are just a few things that I wish were different. The first is the button clasp’s size. The large button creates a bulge that is sometimes noticeable when worn in the back pocket, but’s only a problem when sitting in uncushioned seats for an extended amount of time.

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Overall, this is not an issue and I definitely wouldn’t trade the bulge for a less durable clasp. The second issue is the money pocket. It takes a little bit of effort to get cash into the slot and if you try to fit anything more than five or six bills into it, you have to accept having some of the money sticking out. I never carry more than twenty dollars on me so this has never been an problem.


Loyal Stricklin 6

The Loyal Stricklin Front Pocket Wallet has a lot of character without being ridiculous looking. As stated before, it has a very slim profile, slimmer than a small smartphone, which makes it comfortable and natural to wear in a front pocket. The leather has a rich brown color that has quickly developed a lovely patina, especially around the button. My favorite aspect is the inclusion of dark blue stitching rather than black. It gives the wallet a subtle flare that I haven’t had in any other wallet.

Loyal Stricklin 7


Loyal Stricklin 8

This is one sweet wallet. The exceptional build quality and design create a wallet that secures cards better than the traditional variety and provides pockets for both cash and other small items while keeping the profile slim. Although it is priced higher than most other wallets, quality, character, and utility of the wallet justifies the cost. It definitely is built for people who use credit cards as their main form of payment so if you carry a lot of cash, this may not be for you. If not, this wallet will serve you well for many years to come.

Check out this wallet and other great gear from Loyal Stricklin here! While you’re at it, see what the team is up to on Instagram!

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