Leather Scented Candle Reviews Part 1

Well, it took me a year but I finally did it. I finally burned through my very first candle – the behemoth 22oz Yankee Candle ‘First Down’. Now that this wonderful leather-scented man-candle is gone, I expected to just go get another one, but alas, the scent was retired so I was stuck with a dilemma. What candle should I get now? After all, scented candles don’t always have the same smell when burnt, and I don’t think you can just go into a candle store and start lighting all the candles to test them. Plus, I didn’t want to buy a bunch of candles that cost upwards of $25 to find ones I liked. This inspired me to review some of the best, handmade, leather scented candles I could find and share them in a multi-part review to help you find the perfect candle to fit your needs.



What do you get when you have two best friends looking to do something other than the same old happy hour? MAME Soy Candles. MAME (pronounced like fame) specializes in 100% soy wax candles using only materials sourced in the USA and hand poured in Arizona. The #9 candle is an upgraded version of a previously all-leather scented candle. The addition of amber and teakwood was done to make this candle smell like a “good looking man.” The 5.5 ounce container holds enough to burn for approximately 30-40 hours.




The candle jar is clear glass with a white screw on cap. The candle itself is an even milky white contrasted against the black print of the designer labels. Even without a burn, this candle has a strong scent of warm manly cologne. A quick sniff will give more mellow cinnamon and amber tones but a deeper inhale brings out the hint of leather. Once the actual burn takes place, there is an excellent throw of scent and a surprising fresher kick of amber settles in. This cologne fragrance turns more into a cool aftershave, with just a hint of leather making the MAME #9 a great candle for men and women, burn or no burn.



Jason Stump from Gorilla Candles is the inventor of a number of scented man candles inspired from his work as a landscaper in college. They are named appropriately from “Work Boots” and “Fresh Cut Grass” to “Dirt” and “Rain Day.” Gorilla Candles became a reality when his grandmother, while waking up from anesthesia, thought his grandfather was a gorilla sitting in the corner of her hospital room. After the first fruit-scented candle, “Gorilla Farts,” was released (pun-intended), Jason has produced a wide variety of candles with “Work Boots” filling the need for a leather-scented candle. Each candle comes in an 8oz. ½ pint paint can which provides a 40hr burn. These soy candles are each hand made, designed, and poured using locally supplied wax and oils in a family garage.




The “Work Boots” candle holder is a wonderfully creative paint can design with a clearly masculine appeal that even the burliest of men won’t be ashamed to be caught with. The wax inside is the same yellow color as the label. When the lid is opened with the included can opener, a subtle scent of a thick polished boot or horse saddle can be sniffed out. With a good burn, there is a subtle throw of saddle leather in the air. While not concentrated enough to fill up a large room, the smell is just enough to make you think of opening a brand new leather shoebox without giving you a headache. Overall, the Gorilla Candles “Work Boots” makes a great gift for any guy who enjoys a scented candle but wants something tougher to put on the table.



Liz Frazier is an accidental candle maker. Attempting to find a hobby away from her computer, she has now become a devoted expert, hand pouring every single scented soy candle. The first candles were made in Salem, MA a.k.a. “Witch City” and the name Witch City Wicks naturally followed. These all natural candles are made from phthalate-free fine fragrance oils and all-cotton wicks sourced in the USA. Burn times range from 55-65 hours for this 7 oz candle.




A handsome gift box contains each lidded milky white candle in an actual rocks glass so that you can enjoy your scotch after enjoying your candle. The clean black and white label gives it a neutral sophisticated look. Upon opening the box, there is an immediate hint of leather oils as if you laid your head down on a leather pillow. The burn creates a surprisingly strong flame followed by a decent throw of leather motorcycle jacket and a whisper of new car. Half Black Leather candle + Half scotch glass = All good.

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My thing is that I lost the ability to smell actual leather many years ago. It’s only when I walk into the shop after a vacation that I’m again treated to the smell.