Leather Jackets for Men: The Undying Trend that Never Goes Out of Style

Leather Jackets for Men: The Undying Trend that Never Goes Out of Style

Leather Jackets are the real boss of the fashion world and are basically the answer to anything and everything.

What should I wear today? Leather jacket, all day everyday…

Well, this was a bit of an exaggeration, but when it comes to men, their entire wardrobe depends on these bad boys. 

This is because leather jackets have been around as fashion icons for decades, defying the status quo of seasonal trends, and would continue standing strong.

But what makes them so special?

It’s definitely the classic design, its versatile nature and durable material that have made them stand out from other outwears.

Now that we have initiated a discussion on men’s leather jackets let’s dig in a little more and stir your inner fashionista!


Leather Jackets for Men: An Investment in Your Wardrobe.

Leather jackets are more like a warm hug from a good friend (but in a cooler way). There’s no denying that they are a real investment in your wardrobe that will last for years to come. Leather jackets are designed from real and sturdy stitching, which makes them durable enough to withstand the elements and last a lifetime.

Apart from their durability and longevity, an extra layer of swagger and elegance that they add speaks louder than anything. Leather jackets are the most versatile ensemble that can make you prepare for any occasion in no time. Be it a casual or formal occasion you’re jacketing up for, your leather jacket will always have your back.

So, if you want to make a statement, wear a leather jacket. Now, you’d ask what is the best leather jacket is for men.

We have an answer to that, too. How about we explore some types of men’s leather jackets and decide accordingly?

Types of Leather Jackets for Men

Check out these types of leather jackets and decide which one you like the most?

Biker Jacket:

A biker jacket, commonly known as a motorcycle jacket, is designed from durable leather, like cowhide. It was originally designed for motorcycle riders and has a distinctive style. Some of the features of leather motorcycle jackets for men include:

  • Asymmetrical zip closure
  • Wide lapels with snaps
  • Zippered cuffs
  • A belted waist
  • Quilted panels
  • Zippered chest pockets

Bomber Jacket:

Bomber jackets are  also called  flight jackets. It offers exceptional warmth and durability as it is crafted from horsehide. The bomber jacket is admired for its rugged look and the features:

  • Ribbed cuffs and hem
  • Front zip closure,
  • Shearling fur collar
  • Pockets with flap closure

Racer Jacket:

 The racer jacket, commonly referred to as the café racer jacket, was inspired by the motorcycle culture and offers a streamlined style. Its elements include the following:

  • Band collar
  • Straight zip closure
  • Zippered pockets
  • Zippered cuffs

Suede Jacket:

The suede jacket especially the mens suede jacket is loved for its soft and velvety texture. It is crafted from suede leather, which is sourced from the underside skin of animals, mostly lamb, goat, or calf. Some of the elements that make it unique include:

  • Matte finish exterior
  • Zippered closure
  • Patch or welt pockets
  • Decorative embellishments


Double Rider (Perfecto):

Double rider jackets are also named perfecto jackets. It is associated with motorcycle culture and is loved for its rebellious vibes. Some key features that define it are:

  • Asymmetrical Zip Closure
  • Wide Lapels with Snaps
  • Zippered Pockets
  • Belted Waist
  • Zippered Cuffs
  • Heavy-duty buckles


So, which one from the list attracted you the most?

Now, you’d ask for some styling inspection, too, right?


How to Style Leather Jackets for Men?

What to wear under a leather jacket for men? Does this question constantly hit you when you have plans for the day?

Not anymore… because we’ll make your life easier with our styling tips.

Casual Aesthetic:

Pair your black men’s leather jacket with a simple blue crew-neck t-shirt and a slim-fit pair of jeans. It’s a relaxed combination that is ideal for routine wear. You can wear plain sneakers for a complete look.

Winter Casual Aesthetic:

When it’s bone-chilling cold outside, layer your shearling leather jacket over a lightweight red sweater to keep yourself warm. A pair of grey thermal pants would complement your winter vibe backed with brown loafers.

Semi-Formal Vibe:

Pair your brown leather jacket for men with a off-white button-down shirt combined with black tailored pants. This combination is meant to strike a balance between casual and formal settings. Go for brown brogues to maintain the semi-formal aesthetic.

Formal Occasions:

Not sure how to style your jacket for formal wear? Go monochrome.

Sport a black slim-fit button-down shirt under your suede jacket with black dress pants to keep it chic yet sophisticated. Add in a pair of polished leather oxford shoes and a bow tie to keep in line with the formal settings.


Wrap Up

Leather jackets sure are the ultimate cover-up for your wardrobes that aren’t going out of fashion any time soon. Their versatility and chic appearance take your fashion game up the sky in no time. By far, you might have decided which men’s leather jacket you like most. So, let us know how you plan to style it?