How To Wear Leather Apparel

As the approach of the winter, all of us want to have our winter outfits sorted. While thinking about winter outfits, a leather jacket seems like a must-have, doesn’t it? As it looks dope on everyone who wears it. You just need to know how to pair it up with the right complements and accessories. A simple leather jacket paired up with any of your outfits can make you look 4 times more presentable than you can look without it, it enhances your looks like no piece of clothing ever can, and you all must agree on this. Let’s jump into the topic and see how you can wear leather apparel.

Leather Apparel for Men

Men in leather apparel look classier, handsome, tough, bold, competent and edgy than they can look in any other kind of outfit and this has to be a universal fact. Let’s list down some leather apparel ideas for men. 

Leather Kilts

Leather Kilt is one of the most unique style of leather apparel that is loved by many of the people out there. It is a unique style of Men’s kilt that is made up of premium quality 100% genuine leather. There are two cargo pockets and belt holders on it. You can wear it with a t-shirt or a ghillie shirt. You may buy Men’s kilt from Kilt and Jacks as they have some of the decent quality out there. 

Suit with a leather jacket 

A suit with a leather jacket is one of the coolest combinations ever. A suit sounds like a very formal attire but with a leather jacket it’s more on the casual side but is a lot classier than a suit alone can be. To enhance the look, try complementing it up with a pair of chinos, or derby shoes and a black belt to be the showstopper 

Black leather jacket with blue jeans 

If you want to look simple yet classy, you should go for a pair of black leather jackets and blue jeans. Brace up your style with a perfect pair of burgundy canvas loafers. The pair of black leather jackets and clear blue jeans are a must-have combo that every gentleman should own so if  you don’t have one already, go grab one as soon as possible so you would not have to regret it later

Turtleneck with leather jacket

Well, if you’ve never tried out this combination, you probably never discovered the most classy yet confident version of yourself as this is what exactly this look does. You should definitely go for this look without a second thought If you want to show off the much-needed confidence in your look. The turtlenecks are layered over a piece of clothing that looks well when integrated with anything bold and edgy. So, you need to include at least one turtleneck in your wardrobe, while pairing it up with a leather jacket, Blazer, or Sports coat.

Leather bomber jacket outfit 

It’s always a good idea to keep your dress-up game simple yet trendy with a leather bomber jacket. For better usage, try the pairing of a light-colored crewneck sweater or t-shirt, with dark-washed jeans, and sneakers or boots, with the leather bomber jacket. If you want to make it look more formal, you can also pair up a bomber jacket with a white collared shirt, and a black tie, and wool trousers. 

Check shirt with leather jacket 

This is a combination that always works and you can opt for it without having to think for a while. No matter what type of event you’re attending, it can go well literally everywhere. a red checked shirt paired with blue jeans and a black leather jacket is like a deadly combo that’s enough to draw every single person’s attention. This one too is a must-have combo while prepping for winters.

Leather apparel for women 

Now it’s time to discuss how women can put on leather apparels cuz it’s obviously not for men only. It’s one of those pieces of clothing that can be worn without gender discrimination. They are usually 2 ways women can incorporate leather in their outfits 

  • A pair of leather trousers 
  • A leather jacket 

Leather trousers for women

For the Office

Sounds like a not-so-good idea but you can make it work with the right cut. Look for leather trousers in a wide-leg cut, or leather tights that move when you walk. Pair it up with any simple shirt or blazer, any simple piece of jewelry can be the cherry on top, and boom! Your perfect leather outfit for the office is ready

For the night out

This is the chance to bring out your skinny leather pants and structured tops. Black leather pants make classic nights out outfits, team your leather trousers with a classic wash denim jacket and fine knits. Complement the whole look with a thin chain necklace or a ribbon choker you’re all good to go.

How can women style leather Jackets?

With a knee-length dress

A leather jacket brings a sense of toughness to an otherwise very easy-to-wear fun girl look. The look can be worn to a formal environment or event with some stilettos or strappy heels but there is no harm if you wear it casually.

With dress pants

Tailored straight-leg pants are the easiest way to look all dressed up classy and smart, whether you’re going to the office or you’re simply after a smart casual look. The best part about a leather jacket is that it can complete both a casual and a dressy outfit when paired with dress pants with the right tops and accessories

With skinny jeans

You can’t really say your fashion sense is dope if you never did skinny jeans with a leather jacket. They simply look versatile together

Bottom of Form

With a maxi dress

Maxi dresses are also very feminine and summer friendly pieces but safe to say that a leather jacket will add up to the class and elegance making it the most wanted winter outfit.


Since leather is the most wanted and worn piece of clothing when it comes to styling in winters, you all must know how do we complement it right making yourself stand out anywhere you go regardless of your gender. Leather jackets are easy to style, especially black ones. All you need to do is to ensure that you pair it right with your tops and pants. Similarly, leather trousers are very easy to carry while maintaining that much-needed touch of classiness and elegance in your personality

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