How to Properly Maintain Your Fitovers

How to Properly Maintain Your Fitovers


Fitover sunglasses are a common option for those who want to protect their eyes from the sun but won’t take their prescription glasses off for that. So, fitovers are regular sunglasses that literally “fit over” prescription glasses. However, there are many different kinds of spectacles, and not all require the same maintenance routine. This article will discuss how to keep your fitovers looking fresh, new, and unscathed. 

In Your Eyes

Fitovers can help protect your eyes from overexposure to the most damaging sun rays. It’s a popular alternative to the more expensive transitional and progressive lenses. Still, fitovers require some delicate maintenance and also come with different types of lenses. Check below how to keep your fitovers at their best for longer. 

Know Your Lenses

There are many different types of protective lenses, but you’re likely to come across three of them quite often while shopping for fitovers. These are the anti-reflective lenses, blue lenses, and polarized fitover sunglasses. They should all be cleaned using a microfiber cloth and a cleaning spray and washed in lukewarm water. While some lenses cover their surfaces with a special coating, others have built-in coatings. 

Use the Right Products

While cleaning your lenses, only use products specific to your type. Different types of spectacles might work better using lens cleaning solutions. Some solutions even offer anti-fog cleaning. Using regular soap or a dishwasher can reduce the lifespan of the lens coating and even damage the frames. Household cleaners can contain ammonia, which will destroy your lenses pretty quickly. 

How to Clean It 

You should never wipe your spectacles before rinsing them. Wiping your lenses while dry won’t clean them properly and will also scratch them. Above all, it’s necessary to do it regularly to avoid dust and dirt collecting on the lenses. Running water and lens cleaning solutions are still the best way to do the trick. 


It’s also important to wash your fitovers regularly for sanitary reasons. Bacteria and viruses can survive up to nine days on this kind of surface. So, it’s advisable to disinfect your fitovers after spending some time outdoors. 

Use the Right Storage

Keeping your fitovers in a safe place is essential for their integrity. You can store them in a leather case where they’ll be protected from scratching, bending, or breaking. Additionally, cover the lenses with a microfibre cloth. Perhaps you prefer leather utility bags over soft bags to protect them from eventual impacts while carrying them around in your bag.

Keep It in Shape

Your glasses are kept together by screws, and you’ll have to tighten them up occasionally. These screws get loose over time, which can cause your glasses to distort and break. Metal and plastic frames must be adjusted differently in case they get out of shape. Plastic frames must be heated, while metal frames can be adjusted by applying pressure over a flat surface.

Mind the Temperature

High temperatures can damage spectacles, coatings, and frames. Although fitover sunglasses were made to protect you from the sun, they can’t stand the heat. Some plastic frames can easily be distorted by heat, which can crack some lenses. So, avoid leaving your fitovers inside a hot car or too close to heat sources. 

Don’t Push the Nose Piece

Adjusting your glasses by pushing up the nosepiece is almost irresistible – we know it. We’ve seen this scene in countless movies and TV shows. Although it looks classy, it will damage your nosepiece over time and spoil its finish. Instead, adjust your glasses by the frames, where you don’t need to apply pressure. It’s also possible to replace the nose pads as they begin to change colors. 

Looking Fresh

Investing in high-quality fitovers is a worthwhile investment in eyecare. Top-quality eyewear isn’t cheap, though. So, it’s crucial to know how to take good care of spectacles and frames so that your shades will always look fresh and do what they do best: protect your eyes.

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