How to Learn to Understand Your Cat Better

Each cat has its unique personality, peculiar habits, and its preferences. Interacting with your pets, you may have noticed that they may treat different people differently. For some people, cats show obvious dislike and avoid them, while for others they are calm and even friendly, allowing themselves to be stroked and picked up. Sometimes these preferences seem completely incomprehensible to us. However, to better understand the language of your cat, you need to be careful and learn how to decipher their gestures and signals.


In this article, we will tell you about some ways to learn to better understand your cat and strengthen relationships with her. Well, if the cat continues to ignore you and does not want to play with you, and no advice helps, then you can have fun yourself on TonyBet Sportsbook.

Shifting From One Paw to the Other

Cats often do this when they are in a good mood or they want to play.

Licking You

If a cat licks you, then this is a sure sign that she trusts you and considers you a member of her family.

Eats Your Hair

The cat bites your hair to clean it. This is another way in which she expresses her love and trust to you.

Bites You

If your pet bites you, that’s how he says he wants to be alone. Yes, cats, like us humans, also need personal space. On the other hand, if your cat bites you slightly, then she’s just playing with you.

Other Actions

If a cat lifts its nose and lifts its head, then it says “I see you.” Cats often do this when they sit at the window and see people walking past them. Have you noticed this for your cat?

The cat presses her ears to her head when she is afraid of something or something bothering her, or she just wants to play. Cats also do this so often when they feel an interesting smell. When a cat slightly sticks out its tongue and licks, it means that it is worried about something or excited.

Cat’s Language

Usually, cats greet people or announce their presence with a short meow. And a very long meow means that your cat is very happy to see you. Usually, cats react this way when you have been away from home for a long time.

If the meowing is average in length, then it may mean a request to give food or water. And the combination of meowing and purring means a more insistent request or demand.

A low meow may indicate that the cat is dissatisfied with something or complains about something. It may also indicate that your cat is ready to attack. A loud meow means an urgent request. For example, your cat needs you to urgently give her another piece of that delicious meat.

Rumbling means that your cat is asking for your attention or she needs closer contact with you. Cats purr for various reasons, but most often they do so when they are happy.  And now we will give you three tips that will help you better find a common language with your pet.

How to Make Your Cat Trust You?

Lower your cat down and make sure her paws touch the floor. So your cat will understand that he can trust you – even if you let her go, she won’t fall.

How to Pet Your Cat Properly?

If you sit on the floor and cross your legs, and then look at your cat, she will regard this as a friendly gesture and will come up to you so that you stroke her. And to ask the cat for permission to stroke her, stretch out your hand towards the cat, while your lower finger should be slightly lower than the others. After that, the cat will start rubbing its nose or head against him.

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