Hockerty Custom Leather Boot Review -$195

We’ve reviewed a lot of great footwear. Seeing a plethora of great designs by talented artisans is always a treat, however dabbling in designing your own boot is something I’ve always wanted to try. When we found out that Hockerty Custom Leather boots lets you do exactly that, we had to give them a try! There are literally hundreds of combinations and the process is a blast, read on to see for yourself if this is something you would like to try.


When you custom order your boots, you have a wide array of materials to work with. There’s options ranging from Italian Calf Leather, Waxed Leather, Suede Canvas, etc – I selected the Italian Calf for the leather and canvas for the panels.

I really like the contrasting look. Stitching was tight and I enjoyed seeing double reinforced threads along high stress areas. The turnaround time on custom boots is around 15 days.


These boots are fairly comfortable right out of the box. You do need to break them in a bit, but it’s a more pleasant process than the shear test of will some brands require. The support in the ankles is adequate and the insole has some cushioning. The tread pattern offers a tacky grip but I do wish there were outsole options as well. 


I really like the look, where as you, the reader might not. That’s the beauty of Hockerty’s boots, you are the designer. I feel these came out very faithfully as to how they appeared on the website’s design interface.

The pattern is eye capturing and a great conversation starter. When I tell people I designed the boots, I usually get a few surprised responses. Next thing I know I’m explaining how they can design a pair for themselves!


I personally had a blast designing these boots. The sheer multitude of different styling options will have you actively engaged in creating the perfect boot. Quality, fit and feel were all on point and the price makes Hockerty’s Custom Leather Boots a real contender in the high end footwear market. 


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