Gray Bull Leather Co. Classic Leather Belt Review — $59

Update (March 2017): Sadly, Gray Bull Leather Co. is no longer in business. Check out our belts category for other options.

What happens when you take two university business students who are tired of poor quality products? You get a no-frills, tanky belt that looks great and should last a lifetime–for a reasonable price, at that. That’s exactly what you get from Gray Bull Leather Co. and their Classic Leather Belt.


Let’s start with the leather. It’s thick–10oz thick, to be exact. It’s also vegetable tanned leather, wax and grease stuffed and finished to make it weather resistant and sure to not color your pants. One thing you’ll typically see with belts is skiving, or thinning, at the fold point around the buckle. Not Gray Bull. The leather remains 10oz through the fold, and while this does lead to an occasionally unwieldy large piece of leather, it avoids removing strength from the most vulnerable part of the belt. Edges are gently burnished, smooth but not glossy.


The buckle is appropriately thick and sturdy as well. It’s nickel plated, though I’m not sure of the metal used below the plating. The roller should minimize wear on the belt over time (if that was an issue with a belt of this thickness). I didn’t love that the prong scratches the finish on the back side of the belt, but thankfully these marks won’t ever be visible. I’m sure some conditioner could remove the marks if desired, though the finish on the belt means conditioner shouldn’t be necessary otherwise.


The chestnut color I have here is great for just about any occasion, if the 1.5” width will fit through your belt loops. I like cognac/chestnut from a fashion perspective since it’s very versatile and works with most colors. The thickness makes for a very tanky look, and some nice jeans are probably the best match for the Classic Leather Belt. The look can also be changed by changing out the buckle if desired, compliments of the Chicago screws.

If you’re on the fence about a size, it’s might be best to favor rounding up than down. I choose the same length as an existing belt I own, but I think the thickness of the Classic Leather Belt made the fit a bit tighter.


The Classic Leather Belt is a simple leather belt, but it fulfills a need many products do not: doing its job well and doing it for a very long time. The founders of Gray Bull Leather Co. began the company with that goal in mind, and this belt fulfills it. There’s nothing fancy or excessive here, just a great belt at a great price. So far mine has endured a couple months of heavy use and shows no signs of quitting, and I recommend the Classic Leather Belt as a Buy It For Life product.


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