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Sometimes it is truly difficult to stand out from the crowd. With so many similar styles, shapes, and colors in the men’s dress shoes industry, it requires true quality, craftsmanship, and a touch of heritage to be different. Crosby Square happens to check all of these boxes, and I am very excited to be reviewing their classic wingtip brogues: The Findlay.

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The House of Crosby Square has quite the legacy when it comes to shoe making. This company began in 1867 as a small, two-man operation through the efforts of Alexis Beals and Ezra Torrey, two north-easterners with a knack for making military boots. After the two founders passed in 1925, Walter J. Booth decided to acquire the company. During the 1930’s, fashionable American men were shopping at London bespoke shoe shops due to the lack of premium men’s dress shoes in the States. Booth capitalized on this situation and decided to transform the industry, and Crosby Square (named after the famous London bespoke shops area) was officially born. Unfortunately, the brand fell off the industry radar in the 1970s due to casual styles and hippie trends. But this brings us to today; Crosby Square has been revitalized once again as a premium men’s welted footwear company, and the Findlay is an excellent example of the principles Crosby Square was originally founded on.

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The beautiful Findlay is constructed in Spain with handpicked, premium leather using the Goodyear welting method. Check out this informative article a Best Leather writer put together if you’ve never heard of this method before. The Findlay’s premium construction is immediately evident by only taking a quick look. The expertly fashioned brogue application, thick leather outsole, stunning bordeaux color, and classic derby shape combine to make one gorgeous shoe. I have not found a single stitch out of place or crooked on the Goodyear welt or brogue. The Findlay is a truly high-quality, no-nonsense shoe, and it is obvious that intense passion and hard work went in to its construction.

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At the beginning, this long wing derby was very stiff and snug, but after several days of casual use, the snugness eventually went a way and now I can comfortably wear them all day long. I did experience some minor heel discomfort and an awkward gait over those first few days, but for me that is to be expected with premium leather footwear because I don’t have the average shaped foot. If I could find anything moderately negative to say about this shoe, it would be that the heel took the longest to form to my foot. Other than this very individually limited problem, Crosby Square has done a fantastic job with the construction, sizing, and feel of the shoe.

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The Findlay is meant to be worn with a dressier wardrobe, but occasionally can be used to mix up your casual game, and the rich bordeaux color shines especially well when paired with dark colors.

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To be honest, when I first received the Findlay, I really didn’t want to wear them. Not because they didn’t fit, or it wasn’t my style, but because they were simply so beautiful. It sounds silly but I really did not want to mess the shoes up at all. Even now after I have worn them for a bit, I make sure to clean them every time I put them away. The high-shine leather and its hue are the best elements of the Findlay. Every person who notices the shoe, which is just about everyone, comments on the beautiful color and the classic wingtip brogue style. It simply is eye-catching. I have been thoroughly impressed with the quality level of Crosby Square. From the elegant Findlay all the way to the attractive packaging, Crosby Square is a business I am looking forward to working with again.

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Any stylish man knows the importance of having a pair of wingtip brogues in their wardrobe. The Crosby Square Findlay‘s long wing derby shape is an excellent option for guys looking to delve into the premium men’s footwear scene. At $395, the Findlay is an expensive shoe, but for the quality of materials, Goodyear construction, and classic style of the shoe, it really is a fair price. Head over to the Crosby Square website and check out all of their great styles and the new Spring Collection.

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