Buffalo Jackson Dakota Field Notes Cover and Passport Wallet Review – $99.95

Under the thin facade of urban living, I believe just about everyone craves a little adventure. That walk down to the corner store, how about a daring pilgrimage for the nectar of the bovine god, Bos Taurus? When I was a kid I had a safari hat, and anytime I put it on, everything felt like an adventure. It’s been years since I lost the hat, but recently found another vessel that captures that adventurous spirit… The Buffalo Jackson Dakota Field Notes Cover.


The Dakota Field Notes and Passport cover is made from Top Grain leather- The suppleness of the leather is very pleasant and the journal feels already “broken in” which is great since having a thick, stiff wallet to break is a pain. Marine grade nylon stitching holds it all together. The journal measures 4.25” x 6” closed and 4.25” x 8” opened.



I don’t have a passport, but I was able to slip in my field notes and put this puppy to work. It should be noted that Buffalo Jackson offers refills as well. I love the size and portability of this cover. It’s slim enough to keep stashed in my back pocket. The lack of a pen stache of some sort is surprising, I would have loved an unobtrusive spot in the spine to store a small bullet pen.  There are also several slots for business/credit/etc cards. This would also work as an excellent car insurance and registration safe spot. I used to do estimates for a contracting business and I wish I had this to take notes when looking at projects and leaving business cards.



The Dakota Field Notes cover executes in all the right ways visually. The subtle grain of the leather combined with the soft honeyed glow really makes for an attractive EDC tool. The stamped Buffalo is always a great signature and helps exude the adventurous spirit of the cover. I often find myself just throwing the cover from hand to hand like a baseball, it’s that fun to play with.



Buffalo Jackson has been producing some really great leather and canvas goods for years now. The Dakota Field Notes Cover and Passport Wallet does not disappoint. The price point is elevated but not unrealistic for a product of this caliper. The question just remains, how it would fit into your pantheon of tools to accomplish your goals.


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