Basäder Handmade Leather Belt Review in Dark Blue – $55

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Based in the bustling streets of Brooklyn, it is very easy to see the motive for Philip and Elin Antonelli’s designs: life in the city. Philip and Elin began Basäder on Etsy (read more about that here), an online hub for local startups and people looking to buy cool things.

They began by making artisan leather bags, one of which had the honor of being the first bag reviewed by BestLeather, the Messer Messenger Bag, and they soon expanded their line of hand-crafted leather goods to include multiple briefcases and satchels, as well as totes, keychains, and belts.

The Basäder Shop in Brooklyn, NY

The Basäder Shop in Brooklyn, NY


Basäder uses nylon thread in concordance with copper rivets to hold this strikingly beautiful blue belt together. The buckle is made of copper as well, and features an antique burnished look. The leather is 7oz vegetable tanned, which is then dyed blue (dark blue model). the rivets are tough solid hand hammered rivets which will excel hollow rivets by a wide margin. Solid rivets will break a weak pair of snips, that’s how tough they are.

Basader Belt Review07

That blue color is very striking with denim.

Basader Belt Review01

No doubt it would go well with a pair of chinos as well.

This belt is not dyed all the way through the leather. In other words, the blue will fade with time, which would give way for an interesting patina; however, if you are in search of a belt that will not fade, this belt, especially in this color, may not be for you.


A belt has a very simple purpose, one that may seem comical, but it is the truth. A belt is designed for the sole purpose of holding one’s pants up. Does the Basäder hold my pants up? Yes, it absolutely does. It is thin enough to fit through my belt loops and substantially thick enough to hold up to daily uses.

Basader Belt Review09

That subtle scratch shows how the blue coating doesn’t permeate the vegetable tanned leather.


When a boutique leather company such as Basäder designs a belt, they go into it with an intent in addition to the purpose of holding the wearer’s pants up: uniqueness. There are thousands of belts out there and when you’re a cool but small company such as Basäder, you have to find a way to get your foot in the door with customers. In other words, you have to find a hook, a catch that draws customers and leather aficionados alike to the till. You have to make the belt stand out. And this belt definitely does.

Basader Belt Review03

Jax Chemicals makes a very nice solution for antiquing brass pieces like this.

The blue dye is extremely striking. I’ve had people comment on the color. People commented on my belt. This belt really is unique. The blue combined with the copper rivets and buckle really creates a cool, striking, and extremely interesting accessory, one that is definitely unique. I mean, how many other blue belts with copper hardware have you seen?

Basader Belt Review13

It’s a sharp looking belt.

BestLeather conclusion

This belt is, in a word, beautiful. I’m not really sure what it is, but I really like the way that it catches the light and how the light plays with the minor abnormalities in the leather. It’s very captivating. For $55, you’re getting a great piece of leatherwork. In this same price range, we also have the Woodnsteel vegetable tanned belt, which is a similar and sizeable comparison. I, personally, would take the Basäder over the Woodnsteel, as I prefer the copper hardware and the overall aesthetic. The Basäder is worth the money. As far as leather belts go, $55 is a great price and for it, you will be receiving a great product.


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When did you last speak with the folks at Basader? I’ve been trying to reach out to them via email and Facebook since Christmas. Their Etsy shop appears to be offline. I would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE one of their messenger bags. I’ve looked for months and haven’t found any others that appear to match the aesthetics and quality, but I’m hesitant to order via their website since they haven’t responded to my 6 emails (mostly via their contact form) and Facebook comment. If you have any news about their future plans, it would be great. Thanks!
TJ Kastning

Hey Wes, they do make great stuff. We have tried to be in touch with Philip & Elin but haven’t heard anything back yet. I don’t think they are out of business but may have had other things come up. Often smaller leather businesses can be greatly impacted by personal events. If we do get in touch I will have them reach out to you.

Thanks for the question!

Boy Corgi

Let us know if you hear any news from those two (or their intern). I know they suffered a personal setback during the holidays but in our last conversation they seemed fine and ready for a comeback.

Also, Wes, I ordered a small messenger bag for my dad last January. It’s absolutely terrific, and in my opinion worth more than their asking price. I think they’re still playing catch up with a surge of orders though so maybe it would be a good idea to hold back ordering until they pop out again 🙂


TJ Kastning

I really hope so. We haven’t heard anything so far, unfortunately.

Boy Corgi