Artumie Orange Spice Leather Candle Review – $22

Artumie is a small-batch candle company based in Chicago, IL and run by Lauren Hernandez. Like her father, who opened up his own small-batch distillery, Lauren grew her business from her favorite hobby – making her own scented candles. Named after the Etruscan goddess of night, moon, and nature, Artumie strives to produce candles with earthy and natural scents. Today we are reviewing the Orange Spice Leather Candle.


How it’s made

The Artumie candle is all about simplicity and environmental consciousness. First, the candle is hand mixed with phthalate-free, environmentally friendly oils and scents prior to being hand poured into small 6-8 jar batches at a time. Because every candle is made using 100% soy wax, they burn twice as long as paraffin wax candles and can push out approximately 50 hours of burn time. The design is reminiscent of an apothecary’s jar and was chosen for its multipurpose re-usability (I hope that’s a real word). This particular 11.5 oz candle has a clear wide mouthed jar and fits my Yankee Candle Illuma-Lid perfectly. For those searching for a darker look, the same candle can be found in a 9 oz amber jar with a brass twist lid. The label is equally environmentally friendly and made from 100% recycled paper. When you’re done with the jar, a quick wash with warm soapy water will quickly remove the label if desired.

ArtumieOrangeSpiceLeatherCandle1 ArtumieOrangeSpiceLeatherCandle5 ArtumieOrangeSpiceLeatherCandle7


The Orange Spice Leather candle was designed to be attractive to both men and women with a gender-neutral smell. The base smell is a rough classic leather with earthy tones. This is balanced with a sweet hint of citrus to give the candle throw an added dimension. What I particularly like in this candle is the consistency of the smell when lit or unlit. The throw is quite strong, possibly due to the wide mouth of the jar but that is something I look for in a candle. No one likes forking over their money to buy a candle that smells good in the store, only to realize that you can’t smell anything when it’s burning! On top of that, it’s one of those background smells that you never get tired of and won’t give you a headache.


Bestleather Conclusion

The Artumie Orange Spice Leather Candle is an attractive blend of styling and smell all in one small jar but don’t judge it based on its size. At $22, this hardworking candle will produce over 50 hours of burn time and a superior throw that will fill any room with a well-balanced soothing scent that will please any true leather lover.


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