Arrow and Board Classic Belt Review and Kickstarter

Belts are always one of the immediate upgrades I recommend to friends when getting them into high quality leather goods. The reason being is that often, people will fall into a simple pattern of buying a department store belt, wearing it for a few months to a year, then having to buy a replacement due to broken buckles or failed stitching. Outside of that, changes in waist size often negate a new belt, but not nearly as frequently if buying one made of quality material. Arrow and Board has been in the business of making leather goods, and have decided to launch a Kickstarter Campaign for three new belts. This article will showcase the belt as well as my thoughts on it.

About Arrow and Board

With the motto “We make them like they used to,”  Arrow and Board is definitely in the business of making leather goods built to last. All of their goods are handmade in Austin, Texas; A big plus for those who prefer made in USA Goods. I spoke with Zac, who is in charge of product design and marketing. He was a joy to work with and really motivated towards getting his product into the hands of customers and establishing lasting impressions of high quality products and excellent customer service.

The medium brown color is a great finish for casual wear.


As we all know, belts are usually most durable when constructed of as few materials possible. One solid piece of 1.5 inch English bridle leather makes the belt strip, paired with a brushed buckle and Chicago screws. The belt I was sent is the medium brown color, while they also have black and tan options. The leather is 10-12 ounces thick and feels substantial. You could easily swap out the buckle for your own, but I like the business casual/casual feel the stock buckle gives.  The suede side of the belt is one of the smoothest finishes I have felt on a belt, and coupled with beveled edges gives the belt a nice overall finish.

The logo on the belt keeper does not stand out too much as to call attention, but is beautifully present.


The belt easily accomplishes its main purpose – supporting pants on the waist. The hardware and leather used ensures durability and the sizing guide made sure I picked the correct size when ordering. You can expect leather belts to stretch to some degree, and if you’re in between size numbers, its probably best to size up (i.e. I sized up to a 36 though my measurements came in a tad bit short of it.) The diagram featured on the kickstarter is similar to how most leathermakers size their belts – to the most used hole on a belt the customer always owns.

Showing the simple hardware and construction with Chicago screws for easily buckle swapping.


I touched on it in the construction section, but the finishing of the belt is really what makes the belt look and feel good. Beveled and burnished edges make it easily to slide through belt loops and nice to touch. The medium brown color has worn well with khakis as well as jeans. The strap keeper shows the brand logo, but is not detracting from the overall simplistic look and is not noticed when wearing shirts that sit above the belt buckle or are tucked in. Due to the belt buckle design, I personally did not wear it with suits, but I could easily swap it out for my preference of a slimmer designed buckle if needed. If I needed another black belt, I would probably consider one from Arrow and Board in my top choices.

1.5 inch belts easily fit in most common jeans.



The Classic Leather Belt by Arrow and Board is definitely a solid addition to their growing product lineup. I feel confident that they will have a successful kickstarter campaign as well as timely shipment of products to their customers. Currently the campaign has the belt options ranging from $59-70 based on the various options. At that price, it is a great buy as after the Kickstarter, I’d expect the retail price to be higher.

The leather finish has a nice glimmer in well lit areas.


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