Arrow & Board Simple ID Wallet Review – $59/$119

If I’m being honest, when I think of a wallet with an ID window I don’t think of a refined money clip . I think of the lime green Tony Hawk wallet I got when I was in 6th grade. I think of how much I loved the velcro closure and the way I’d put guitar picks in the zippered coin pocket to seem cool even though I couldn’t play the guitar. That’s essentially the opposite of Arrow & Board’s Simple ID Wallet. Instead you have a high-class, minimal profile wallet that includes the convenience of an external ID window.

About Arrow & Board

Arrow & Board is a family owned and operated company out of Austin, Texas. Zac and Jacki Brown began the company inspired by a love of heirloom-quality watches and tech accessories. With Arrow & Board they aim to pair old school craftsmanship with modern advancement, such as leather cases and straps for watches, cameras, computers and phones. Their products embody minimalism, using simple designs and top notch materials.

Leather & Construction

The Simple ID Wallet is made with only two pieces of leather, one folded over the other and sewn together to create the pockets. Fewer cuts of leather makes for fewer moving parts and less chance of failure. Between this and the precise hand stitching of the polyester thread, this wallet will easily last a lifetime. All the edges are laser cut for exactness. There are no issues with construction.

I don’t think an ID ever looked so good.

The version I have here is made of shell cordovan. While the cost is higher, so is the strength and overall experience. Shell cordovan is a pricey but incredible leather. If you can spring for it, it’s worth it. You can’t get the feel, look, or longevity anywhere else.

The iconic Horween stamp.


The Simple ID Wallet includes three simple functions: an ID window, a card storage pocket (in the center) and a quick-access card pocket. All work as expected. This is a really great minimal wallet that’s easy to forget is in your pocket! The center storage can hold 3-5 cards, and may stretch to accommodate more over time (particularly the non-shell version of the wallet). This is definitely meant to keep your load light, however. The wallet isn’t oversized and adding too many cards will present quite a challenge should you need to access them.

You’ll want to limit yourself to to 3-5 cards for this wallet.

This will be a great choice if you’re hoping to keep a thin profile and mainly need your ID and primary card. Most of us only use our primary credit card a majority of the time, and it’s worked really well in my day to day use.


The Simple ID Wallet breaks the molds by being an ID window wallet that exudes class. Compact form, sharp lines, quality leather and uniform stitching make for a fantastic looking wallet. The shell cordovan version also includes the signature polish of shell. This isn’t the bulging, worn out bonded leather wallet you see all too often. You’ll be proud for this wallet to be seen.

Cordovan shining around the Arrow & Board logo.

Quick disclaimer: the Color #8 shell wallet I have here has been discontinued! The cordovan version is still available in black and whiskey.


Arrow & Board’s Simple ID Wallet is an awesome wallet on any scale, but it’s certainly out of the league of any other ID wallet I’ve ever seen. If you’re looking to get a really high end wallet and need to show your identification regularly, I wouldn’t look any further. On top of that, both the full-grain and shell versions are in a great price range for what you’re getting. I’ve loved using this wallet and I think you will too. Head over to Arrow & Board to check out the Simple ID Wallet and their other range of fine leather goods.

Arrow & Board Simple Apple Watch Band Review – $149

I love watch straps, I love shell cordovan, and I love unique products. The Arrow & Board Simple Apple Watch Band in Shell Cordovan Reverse offers all three. This strap showcases the unique green underside of black shell cordovan, is lightweight and comfortable, and features top notch materials and construction.

About Arrow & Board

Arrow & Board is a family owned and operated company out of Austin, Texas. Zackary and Jackie Brown began the company inspired by a love of heirloom-quality watches and tech accessories. They actually began the company with Apple Watch straps, and have grown to include other tech accessories, classic leather products, and home decor. Their company aims to break the modern mold of disposable products by offering timeless pieces of their own.

Leather and Construction

The Simple Apple Watch Band is made with Horween shell cordovan leather. If you don’t know much about the granddaddy of leathers, make sure to check out our page about it. Here’s the brief version: it’s incredibly strong and looks amazing! One of the big advantages of using shell on a watch strap is that it can be quite thin but still be stronger than most straps at twice the thickness. This means it’s very lightweight, which I appreciate.

The hardware used is also a bit more lean than other similar watches I’ve used. It’s stainless steel and brass, so there won’t be any durability issues, but it does save a few grams.

Construction is well done. Cutting is done by laser for precision. Stitching is done by hand with polyester and is very uniform. Burnishing makes the sleek shell even more classy.


Like many products we review, a watch strap is a relatively simple product. So we have to look at some of the subtle aspects that make the use experiences better or worse. Long story short, it nicely holds your watch to your wrist!

The lightweight construction makes this strap more lean, less noticeable, and therefore more comfortable. The strength of the shell cordovan means minimal stretching. The shell is fairly thin and nicely burnished on the edges. These attributes combine to make the strap more easy to use than thicker cow leather straps I’ve used. It’s easier to thread through the keepers as you pull it on and off.

Speaking of the keeper straps, they’re leather on this Arrow & Board strap! I’m a fan of this, as it means less things to push into your skin if you’re using the strap while typing at a desk in comparison to metal keepers. I wish the sliding keeper was a bit smaller, though. I wear my watch straps a bit loose and this keeper tends to float around a lot.

The quality construction and shell cordovan leather work together to enhance the experience of using this strap.


If I’m honest, I don’t know why Horween’s black shell cordovan is green on the underside. I’ve inquired Horween about it, and will hopefully have an answer soon (perhaps in time for our upcoming review of Arrow & Board’s minimal wallet in the same color!). However, I do know that it looks awesome!

If you want to see the classic shell cordovan sheen, you’ll have to look at the inside of this strap. The green reverse side is much more matte, with a gentle texture to it. It’s muted enough to not have an overly loud appearance, but being green, still has a unique look that can catch attention.

I feel that the appearance of this strap is very well balanced. It’s subtle, yet stands out. As a result, I’ve used this as an all-occasions strap. I’m just as content using it to go outdoors as I am to wear it with the right suit.


The Arrow & Board Simple Apple Watch Band in Shell Cordovan Reverse is a fantastic high-end watch strap. I love the unique green look of the reversed shell that helps it both stand out and fit in. Shell cordovan allows the strap to be both strong and impressively lightweight. It’s comfortable to wear and easy to use.

The price may seem high for a watch strap, but some research into shell cordovan will show it’s roughly in line with the market. This particular strap features a few small enhancements, such as hand stitching and burnishing, that further enhance the value.

I highly recommend this strap to make using your Apple Watch an even more enjoyable experience.

Shell on shell

Arrow and Board Classic Belt Review and Kickstarter

Belts are always one of the immediate upgrades I recommend to friends when getting them into high quality leather goods. The reason being is that often, people will fall into a simple pattern of buying a department store belt, wearing it for a few months to a year, then having to buy a replacement due to broken buckles or failed stitching. Outside of that, changes in waist size often negate a new belt, but not nearly as frequently if buying one made of quality material. Arrow and Board has been in the business of making leather goods, and have decided to launch a Kickstarter Campaign for three new belts. This article will showcase the belt as well as my thoughts on it.

About Arrow and Board

With the motto “We make them like they used to,”  Arrow and Board is definitely in the business of making leather goods built to last. All of their goods are handmade in Austin, Texas; A big plus for those who prefer made in USA Goods. I spoke with Zac, who is in charge of product design and marketing. He was a joy to work with and really motivated towards getting his product into the hands of customers and establishing lasting impressions of high quality products and excellent customer service.

The medium brown color is a great finish for casual wear.


As we all know, belts are usually most durable when constructed of as few materials possible. One solid piece of 1.5 inch English bridle leather makes the belt strip, paired with a brushed buckle and Chicago screws. The belt I was sent is the medium brown color, while they also have black and tan options. The leather is 10-12 ounces thick and feels substantial. You could easily swap out the buckle for your own, but I like the business casual/casual feel the stock buckle gives.  The suede side of the belt is one of the smoothest finishes I have felt on a belt, and coupled with beveled edges gives the belt a nice overall finish.

The logo on the belt keeper does not stand out too much as to call attention, but is beautifully present.


The belt easily accomplishes its main purpose – supporting pants on the waist. The hardware and leather used ensures durability and the sizing guide made sure I picked the correct size when ordering. You can expect leather belts to stretch to some degree, and if you’re in between size numbers, its probably best to size up (i.e. I sized up to a 36 though my measurements came in a tad bit short of it.) The diagram featured on the kickstarter is similar to how most leathermakers size their belts – to the most used hole on a belt the customer always owns.

Showing the simple hardware and construction with Chicago screws for easily buckle swapping.


I touched on it in the construction section, but the finishing of the belt is really what makes the belt look and feel good. Beveled and burnished edges make it easily to slide through belt loops and nice to touch. The medium brown color has worn well with khakis as well as jeans. The strap keeper shows the brand logo, but is not detracting from the overall simplistic look and is not noticed when wearing shirts that sit above the belt buckle or are tucked in. Due to the belt buckle design, I personally did not wear it with suits, but I could easily swap it out for my preference of a slimmer designed buckle if needed. If I needed another black belt, I would probably consider one from Arrow and Board in my top choices.

1.5 inch belts easily fit in most common jeans.



The Classic Leather Belt by Arrow and Board is definitely a solid addition to their growing product lineup. I feel confident that they will have a successful kickstarter campaign as well as timely shipment of products to their customers. Currently the campaign has the belt options ranging from $59-70 based on the various options. At that price, it is a great buy as after the Kickstarter, I’d expect the retail price to be higher.

The leather finish has a nice glimmer in well lit areas.