A look behind the scenes at Maxwell-Scott: This is how luxury leather business bags are handcrafted in Italy

Luxury leather brand Maxwell-Scott was founded in 2002 with the values of exceptional quality, timeless style and sustainability at its core. The award-winning international leather retailer is renowned for its handcrafted luxury leather business bags, luggage bags, handbags and accessories. Maxwell-Scott have invited us to see behind the scenes of their family-owned atelier in Tuscany, Italy, where we can follow the manufacturing journey of their expertly crafted and much-loved business bags and accessories.

The journey of each product at Maxwell-Scott’s Italian atelier begins with tanning the full grain leather hide. The luxury brand honours the traditional and organic tanning process that is known as vegetable tanning, which uses chestnut and bark from the chestnut tree to naturally dye the leather hides. The environmentally-conscious process does not use any chemicals and takes 60 days to complete, ensuring that the fine quality leather hides take on a rich and earthy colour in a natural and sustainable way. To reduce their carbon footprint further, Maxwell-Scott only uses leather that is a by-product of the European food industry and recycles most of the waste and water from production.

Once the leather has been tanned and prepared, it’s time for the manufacturing process to start. At the Italian atelier, the patterns are first scored into the leather hides before being cut out by hand. Maxwell-Scott are passionate about crafting their business bags and accessories by hand as it enables them to guarantee impeccable quality and an unrivalled aesthetic.

Before the sewing work begins, the leather components of the briefcases are first fixed with an adhesive to prevent them from moving while being stitched. Depending on the size of the bag, the sewing process itself takes several days. It’s a labour of love – but one that’s undoubtedly worth it – to make sure that each Maxwell-Scott item lives up to the brand’s exceptional quality standards. As a testament to their confidence in their craft, every purchase from Maxwell-Scott also comes with a 25-year warranty.

Towards the end of the crafting process, the lining and compartments are sewn in. Finally, the hardware is secured to the business bags; the product is then buffed and quality checked before it begins its journey to the customer. As the genuine, full grain leather used is not chemically sealed or sanded, each Maxwell-Scott luxury leather business bag or accessory develops an exquisite patina over time, ensuring that each keepsake is truly unique to the owner.

This traditional and meticulous manufacturing process results in a collection of luxurious and durable business bags and accessories that are handcrafted to stand the test of time. Each one is designed and handcrafted to last, to meet and exceed the requirements of the modern professional. One of the most popular Maxwell-Scott business bags is the updated Paolo men’s leather briefcase: its new design features make it perfect for the modern gent, including three interior compartments and a fitted laptop section. Discover how much space this Italian leather briefcase provides for your daily work essentials: 

Shop the whole Maxwell-Scott Italian leather briefcase collection here: https://us.maxwellscottbags.com/men/business/best-leather-briefcases.html

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