A guide to men’s shoes for beginners


In the fashion world, the target audience has for decades been women. The beginning of this trend or custom was purely for marketing purposes. Women seem to have had more choices in the variety of fashion styles than men.

Going back in time, men’s fashion did not change drastically in the past several centuries. The trends and a bit of shape and form differences here and there have been present, but a typical male outfit has been a shirt, trousers, a jacket, and a pair of shoes forever. 

A little fun fact to pepper in: did you know that there is a special sub-group of male fashion called Casino fashion? If you’re into learning fun things as you dive into your hobby, this one is a must-read. Can’t hurt to read about it, even if you prefer a live casino online rather than actually going there. Indeed, The rock and roll era followed by disco, pop, emo, and hipster, up until today all brought about significant changes in male fashion. And this does mean only clothes.

Shoes have become a very important part of an outfit, and nowadays, men have as much choice and diversity as women.


Types of shoes

There are dozens of types of shoes for men, and dozens for women as well. This article is not for the true connoisseurs of male fashion. However, if you are just getting into it and would like to learn the basics, this article is for you.

First and foremost, there is the distinction between formal and casual shoes, to complement the difference in clothes. However, there are subgroups as well. Let’s dive into it without further ado.

Casual footwear

If you had to define casual footwear, you would probably say something along the lines of casual footwear is shoes that people wear in informal situations. Jogging and working out, being at home, going shopping or on a walk, hanging out with friends, or shopping for groceries are all examples of informal situations. Here are some examples of casual footwear:

Flip flops

Flip flops are light and comfortable for short walks, beach days, and lounging in the garden. They are usually cheap and last for a season or two.


Slippers, the ultimate indoor shoes, are worn around the house and their primary purpose is to be comfortable and warm. They are usually lined with fleece or a similar warm fabric.


There are hundreds of types of sneakers, depending on the sport. There are running shoes, basketball shoes, gym and soccer shoes, tennis shoes, and the list goes on. Today, they are designed to protect and support the foot and the leg according to the pressure of the sport.

They are also worn outside of the sport context due to their versatility and the fact that they are usually very comfortable.


Sandals are summer casual shoes, usually made of leather. They can be worn with jeans and shorts, but never, ever with socks. That is a definition of a fashion faux pas. 

Formal footwear

When it comes to formal footwear, every type of shoe has its name and that makes it fascinating to learn and apply. But considering that this is a basics-only article, we will start slow and you can work your way up as you go.

Oxford shoes

The Oxford shoe is probably the single most famous shoe design out there. Featuring a smart, sleek look and a closed lacing system, they are fit for every single formal event you can think of. A business meeting, a wedding, a funeral, even a casino night – Oxfords are the way to go.

Chelsea boots

Yes, boots. but make it fashionable. Chelsea boots are gorgeous shoes that work well in smart-casual circumstances. Pair them with a shirt and good jeans, and you’re ready for both going to work and casual drinks afterward.


Loafers are also business-casual in their nature. They pair with both trousers and jeans, as well as shirts and polo shirts.


Brogues are, similarly to Oxfords, a staple in formal footwear. Easily recognized by their decorations, they go great with formal outfits such as a suit and tie.


From the middle of the twentieth century up until today, men’s fashion has become more liberated and versatile. Thanks to the mass media and the development of the art world, men created space for creativity in everyday fashion, as well as formal wear and even casino fashion, as we already mentioned.

As you can see, men’s shoes are equally as complex as women’s, and so is men’s fashion. Learning all the details and particularities of the fashion world might seem a challenging task, but once you start dressing in your style, it will all be worth it.


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