6 Ways to Style Your Aviator Jacket

Men’s outerwear is a tricky concept but it is also the talk of the town these days. You can see varieties of men’s coats and jackets online but still not find the right one for you. But how can one overlook the stylish and urbane men’s aviator jackets that became everyone’s favorite in no time?

Aviator Jackets are a timeless fashion statement that every man should own. It can also serve as your perfect outerwear for the transitional season of fall and winter. If you are in search of a practical yet oh-so-flattering piece, then these leather aviator jackets are made for you! 

Like most of the men’s outerwear, aviator jackets were also designed for fighter pilots originally. For the same reason, they are also known as flight jackets or pilot jackets. It is not surprising how these exclusive jackets appealed to every eye and became a huge part of pop culture. If paired with suitable clothing, they can be a force to reckon with!

Which Aviator Jacket is Right for Me? 

Now that we briefly introduced you to what an aviator jacket is, it’s the perfect note to begin our styling game. 

Men’s leather jackets come with their own magnificence and charm. It exudes versatility and uplifts your outfit without any hassle. If you scroll through your Instagram, you might come across popular influencers flexing their aesthetic leather jacket outfits because the craze is real! We know how overwhelming it may seem to find your own aesthetic which is why we created this go-to outfit guide for the leather jacket fandom out there. 



  • The Dapper Black and White Fit 


Any outfit without the black and white combination seems so incomplete. Why is it that we always fall for this signature color combo? Well, we have all the right reasons to do so! 

This look is so pleasing and easy to carry which makes it the go-to look for most men. Pairing the aviator jacket with jet black jeans and a plain white tee is the perfect recipe to attract all compliments. To top it off, you can put on the Black Chandon Ugg and a pair of Raybans. This outfit is ideal for a movie date or a casual hangout with the boys.  


  • What-Suede!

When you say suede, I hear class. As if plain leather jackets were not enough to woo the audience that they launched suede jackets too. The sheer grace and grandeur associated with suede leather jackets is nothing secret. The unique texture provides an undertone for your overall fit while maintaining its macho silhouette. 


This fit might not be the best choice on a rainy day but certainly a perfect one for a breezy evening. Suede jackets provide you an opportunity to play around with colors. When choosing a suede aviator jacket, pay close attention to its details. If the jacket exhibits metallic buttons, then it is safer to play with earthy tones. Adding a pair of loafers uplifts your look like no other!

Are you per-suede enough, or do we still need to go on? (pun intended) 


  • Passionate Red Jacket Outfit

Red color stands for power and passion. As much as this color signifies love, it also exhibits fury and anger. If you’re a man with a fierce attitude then you have found your perfect fit!

We can envision your courage and confidence whilst wearing our top pick for you. Shun you inhibitions while opting for the vivid red as this charismatic jacket will surely add style to your look. The rich hues activate serotonin and energize one’s soul. For a sporty, casual look, pair our premium quality leather jacket with either black or white undershirt and the stylish Nike sneaker edition. 


  • Distressed Brown Shearling Outfit


With their incredible warmth and comfort fabric, shearling bomber jackets are one of my personal favorites. Contrary to  popular belief, these jackets can be casually worn outside too! Crafted with pure lambskin, the jacket is water resistant and comfortable. If I keep on counting the practical advantages of the shearling bomber jacket, it might become too long to read.

Ideal for a casual brunch on a cold day, the distressed element oozes charm. The white fur peeking is a cherry on the top. It is advised to keep the tone neutral as you don’t want to ruin the earthy vibes. You can easily build an elegant look by pairing the jacket with white sneakers and a classy Apple Watch to flex even harder!


  • Glorious Army Green Jacket 


You’re not a fashion lover if you don’t own one of our army green bomber jackets. There is no hidden fact how army green has been in trend since forever. It goes hand in hand with style and nature. One would prefer wearing green on a casual sunny day when going out with friends or family. 

The color itself is a statement on its own. Probably the most common pair with a green jacket is khaki pants, and we are all here for it! To further enhance your aesthetic, get your hands on wood brown shoes and a pair of suave sunglasses. It will not only boost your confidence but also provide an unmatched satisfaction with your overall look.


  • The Macho Brown Leather Jacket 


What is better than a brown leather jacket? As simple as it may sound, there is nothing better than a brown aviator jacket! It may seem like the most obvious choice, but you still need to be careful when investing in one. 

Adorn yourself in a white tee and blue denim to seal the look with vintage glasses and a wristwatch. This look is super stylish and requires almost no effort! 


It is ironic how a single type of jacket can serve so many looks. We can not wait to watch you step out of your house in your A-game. The suggested outfits satisfy our customer’s needs and sit right with their personality. The key to acing your style is choosing appropriate accessories and knowing your aesthetic. Once you achieve that, you are undefeatable!


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