6 Best Horsebit Loafers for Men

6 Best Horsebit Loafers for Men

If you’re looking to up your style game — look no further than horsebit loafers!

Who said loafers are boring? Truth be told, men who wear loafers are classy! The easiest way to amp up the style with the bare minimum. One slip, and you are set for the evening. Owning a pair of loafers is a must: Pro Tip. 

In this article, we’ll go over everything you need to know about horsebit loafers and provide you with the best horsebit loafers for men. Let’s dive right in!

What are Horsebit Loafers?

Horsebit loafers are laceless shoes made out of leather, with a metal Horsebit detail across the vamp. They were first introduced in the 1950s and have influenced fashion ever since. The Horsebit style was created by Gucci, a famous Italian shoe designer. He created the shoe in his atelier, where each step is performed by hand. 

Horsebit loafers were created by Gucci, and have a long history. They are versatile shoes that can be worn with a wide range of outfits. They can be dressed up or down. 

Depending on the color of your loafers, you can wear them with a wide range of colors and styles of clothing. The most common color of horse bit loafers is black, because they are so versatile when it comes to pairing them. This makes horsebit loafers the ultimate classic pair of footwear for any closet.

They are also stylish for evening events and are very fashionable in formal and business settings. A nice pair of Horsebit loafers will have you feeling like royalty in no time.

Now we need to go over what to looking for when selecting the right horsebit loafer for you.


Horsebit loafers are an essential for any guy’s closet because of their style and versatility. For this reason, the horsebit style is worn by countless celebrities from movie stars to presidents. But when you’re buying a pair of horsebit loafers, there are factors to consider that you can’t afford to ignore. 

  • Type

When buying a pair of horsebit loafers, you need to consider the type of shoe you’re buying. While some are more conservative than others, the classic style will go with almost anything. 

Whether you wear them to work or to social gatherings, horsebit loafers make a great choice. This is why you need to consider how “dressy” the loafers that you’re purchasing are. A versatile pair of horsebit loafers will really open up your wardrobe.

  • Price

Your budget for your horsebit loafers will determine whether you can afford to invest in a more high-quality pair, or if you have to settle for a cheaper alternative. 

To invest in a high-quality pair can cost upwards of $1,000. Although this seems like a lot for a pair of shoes – this is an investment that can pay off well in the long run, as a pair of high-quality loafers will last you much longer than a less-than quality pair of loafers.

And luckily, at Idrese they offer high-quality footwear at affordable prices. You can pick up our Andre horsebit loafers for just $335.

If you are looking for a cheaper pair of horsebit loafers, you may want to look into the Jay Butler brand. This model is made in Mexico and has a shorter vamp, which may lead to buying another pair in the near future, but they get the job done for the time being.

  • Quality

It is absolutely crucial that you get a pair of horsebit loafers that are made with quality in mind. You must choose the right material for the horsebit. If the leather is not soft, then the leather is not of good quality. Hence, you should buy a quality pair to ensure that they will last long. And if you don’t want to spend too much, you should try to buy a pair of tanner’s cowhide.

Tips For Wearing Horsebit Loafers

Regardless of dress code, horsebit loafers make a great option for just about any occasion. They bridge the gap between formal and casual wear and are comfortable enough to wear almost anywhere. Whether you’re heading to a wedding or attending a casual party, horsebit loafers are a versatile option that will suit your needs. Here are some tips to help you get the best fit for your new pair of horsebit loafers.

The horsebit loafer is distinguished from any other style of shoe by its strap, a horsebit shaped heel. This type of shoe gained popularity after a designer, Gucci, altered the color to black and tinkered with the lining to make it more suitable for business wear. 

In the 1970s, horsebit loafers became a staple of the business world, as they were a staple of Wall Street and Gucci. Tassels are another unique feature of this style. These adornments make them a timeless option, and their history as a preppy favorite has helped them gain popularity in the last few years.

Horsebit loafers are the perfect go-to shoes in almost every season. The key to wearing them is to know when to wear them. Learn how to pair them with the right outfit, and you’ll be ready for anything. These loafers can be worn sockless in the spring and summer. 

If you’re in a business meeting, they’re the perfect way to make a good first impression. The type of leather used is one of the most important parts of horsebit loafers, so make sure you go with a company that prides itself on the quality of their leather.

1. Idrese Andre Horsebit Loafers

The Idrese Andre Horsebit Loafer is a great style to wear for both formal and more casual occasions. The design features full-grain Italian leather, metal buckles, and a rounded toe. The leather is smooth, so it will go with a suit or a pair of jeans. The loafer comes in two color choices, honey and black, and costs about $335.

Idrese is a direct-to-consumer brand. What this means is they sell their shoes directly to their customers. As a result, they can bypass middle-men, and offer ultra high quality products at affordable prices.

Their shoes are crafted from full-grain Italian leather responsibly sourced from the top tannery in Italy. Idrese shoes are also manufactured using Goodyear-welt, which means that they will last much longer than their inexpensive counterparts. 

They are designed and manufactured by a small group of expert craftsmen in Almansa, Spain. You can also request a custom-made pair of loafers, with a ton of different customization options such as, materials, colors and even vamps, so if you are not a fan of metal bit you can design your own penny and tassel loafers. 

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2. Gucci 1953 Horsebit Loafer

This iconic Gucci style was first introduced in the 1950s. This black leather loafer is enriched with two House codes: the Web stripe and the Horsebit. Introduced in the 1950s, the iconic shoe has remained a fashion staple ever since. The style has been updated with different materials, including suede and rubber. Let’s take a closer look at this classic pair of loafers.

The combination of a double ring and a bar has become a signature for Gucci and is an integral part of the brand’s DNA. Initially featured on loafers, the style was later incorporated into a handbag and other items. You can find Gucci horse bit loafers for $850 on Gucci’s official website.

Gucci has helped morph horsebit loafers into a style that has become a go-to shoe for the fashion-conscious man.

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3. Rancourt & Co Horsebit Loafer

A classic shoe, the Rancourt & Co Horsebit loafer is perfect for the summer and spring seasons. Featuring a solid brass horsebit, these shoes are made to last. Known for their bridging of the formal and casual style, they can be worn with everything from sports coats to drapey suits. The equestrian-inspired calfskin leather is water-tight, with a combination of Goodyear welt and Blake stitching.

These shoes are lined with leather and are available in color-rich shell cordovan. The Bit Ivy is available in color-rich Color 8 shell cordovan. 

Its sock-friendly design is inspired by the Ivy Loafer, a classic unlined shell cordovan loafer.

You can purchase them in five different colorways. You’ll love the suppleness of the leather. The Rancourt shoemaker sources most of its leather from Horween in Chicago. It also imports Italian calfskin.

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4. Allen Edmonds Horsebit Loafers

The saddle-and-bit-detailed leather sole of the Allen Edmonds Horsebit loafers is the perfect choice for the workday man. This pair features a leather lining and a rubber heel in a Bologna construction. These are made in Italy, using traditional methods and materials. The upper and inner lining are both made from leather, and the stitching is very durable

The loafers are also available in black color. This type is the best choice for people who prefer to keep things classic and conservative. They look great with a classic suit and flannel trousers. They’re ideal for a post-war Ivy look. They look best in Horween #8 shell cordovan, although you can wear them in brown suede as well.

The Allen Edmonds Verona III loafers come in a classic black color and fit comfortably in men’s sizes 10 and 11. This style is a great option for the office as well. They are made of genuine leather and can be worn with a tweed suit or a blazer and a button-down shirt. The suede leather sole is comfortable and lasts long.

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5. Ferragamo Horsebit Loafers

Salvatore Ferragamo has a rich history of creating fine Italian footwear. His handcrafted shoes are known for their smooth finishes and innovative spirit. Today, his products have become a staple in the house of luxury and are available in many sizes and colors. 

At Ferragamo, you’ll find a variety of horsebit loafer styles for men. Whether you’re dressing for a formal event or a night on the town, these shoes make a good choice.

The Ferragamo Group started in 1927. They’ve since expanded their business to other countries and have continued to focus on the design, manufacture, and sale of luxury goods. Those who wear this brand’s footwear are assured of a quality pair that will last them a long time. The Ferragamo group has a reputation for offering beautiful, well-crafted products that combine style, quality, and innovation.

Made in Italy, the Ferragamo Horsebit loafers are highly durable and versatile. They’re made with the finest leather, and feature a Gancini buckle that’s adorned with gold or diamonds. You can find these shoes at some retail outlets and online. You can also find them at many of the top luxury shoe stores.

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6. Carmina’s Horsebit Loafers

A pair of Carmina Horsebit Loafers makes a classic dress shoe. These elegant shoes are made from a high-quality leather and made with a blake-rapid construction. They have a generous fit and a rounded toe. The polished horsebit adds a nice touch of style to any outfit. The horsebit is mounted on a brass insert, and they can be worn with a suit or jeans.

A pair of Carmina Horsebit Loafers make a nice everyday shoe, and the company is dedicated to creating the highest quality footwear. They use a 190-step construction process for each pair of their shoes. The brand is not afraid to use high-quality leather in their footwear, and they don’t seem to fall short in the quality department. 

However, this attention to detail is apparent in the price tags, as a pair of Carmina Alligatore Horsebit Loafers are $3,172.

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  • Are Horsebit Loafers in Style in 2022?

 Horsebit loafers are absolutely in style in 2022. When worn correctly, a nice pair of horse bit loafers will compliment your outfit nicely.

  • Can You Wear Socks with Horsebit Loafers?

You can wear a pair of socks with your horsebit loafers. But in order to do so, you have to know the correct way to wear them. This can be tricky – so be careful when wearing socks with loafers.

  • Can Loafers be Worn With Jeans?

If you go with the right combination, then loafers can absolutely be worn with jeans. A classic black or brown pair will look sharp with almost any tee and jeans combo. For added flair, you can pair them with a scoop neck sweater or button-up, a jacket and hat, or both.

Final Thoughts

These have been our top 6 picks for the best Horsebit loafers for men. For Price, quality, and versatility the easy choice is IDRESE, but it’s important to realize that you can’t go wrong with any of these pairs, you just need to make sure you find the right ones for you.

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