5 Must-Haves for a Laptop Bag


More and more people are on the move, living more active lifestyles where they’re rarey in one place. It means that these people will have to carry important items around with them and they may have more to carry in terms of hardware and computing tech. Protecting your laptop, especially when traveling, is one of the most important aspects of our modern way of travel. Here’s some must-haves when selecting a laptop bag to use when you’re traveling with this tech.

Leather lasts longest

Durability matters and leather will do you proud in this regard. Mind you; it must be full-grain leather to last 20 or 30 years, as the faux leather will soon crack and definitely won’t last as long. Full-grain leather will be the most expensive, but it is fully waterproof and will literally last a lifetime. Leather is one of the top choices for a laptop bag as it provides a level of waterproofing and quality that arguably cannot be matched.

Easy access

You must be able to remove your tech and laptop easily when you need them. Whether it’s on the train or in a lobby waiting for your next flight, getting to the technology held inside shouldn’t be like getting into Fort Knox. You may just want a quick game or to place on Lottomart Canada while traveling, and using your laptop to do so must be simple and easy. Please remember that gambling is 18+ – please gamble responsibly.

The laptop bag you choose must be able to be used on the go without causing too much drama and requiring too much space.

Protective and sturdy 

Laptops are sensitive machines, even though many of the newly designed ones appear so strong and robust. Any laptop bag that you choose must be able to handle the rough and tumble of regular travel. If you’re putting your laptop and technology in the bag, then it needs to be sturdy and provide the correct protection for your tech.

Good looking

The bag must look the part. Whether it’s a backpack or a side carry bag, it should look good. The bag is an accessory to your outfit and should suit its purpose.

Pickpocket proof

Unfortunately, it is a common occurrence, and many unsuspecting travelers leave their laptop bags at their feet and completely forget about them until at their stop. Your bag shouldn’t have open pockets and external storage compartments that can be opened and emptied before you get home.

A laptop bag is as important a choice as is the laptop itself. By nature, the laptop is expected to be portable and work wherever you go. For this to be a reality, you will need a bag. Deciding on the right bag for you could be a difficult decision, given the choices out there, but the advice provided herein will allow you to do a full audit on the bag you choose to make sure that you have chosen the right bag for all the right reasons.

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