2CentsLeatherShop Custom Leather Camera Strap Review – $46.90

The stock strap on my trusty Nikon was becoming a pain. The nylon edges were starting to fray, causing a very uncomfortable rash on the back of my neck. The adjustable buckles were nearly impossible to adjust to on the fly as well. Looking for a better option to carry my camera, I tried out the 2centsleathershop custom leather camera strap with great results.

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2centsleathershop is an Etsy store operated by Marijana Cuzela and her partner. Located in the heart of Europe, Marijana started the brand after the collapse of the leather industry in Slovenia. Taking the skills learned, 2centsleathershop is passionate about crafting high quality handmade leather goods ranging from wallets to iPad portfolios. 2centsleathershop is also willing to work with customers to further personalize the products offered.

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2centsleathershop offers camera straps with several different unique patterns and colors. The strap reviewed was in brown. The strap is crafted from premium vegetable tanned leather which naturally darkens over time to produce even richer hues. Three strips of leather are used to form the main body. Two pieces form the adjustable sides that attach to the camera and are riveted to the strap that goes around the neck. Small keyrings are placed on to the camera’s strap mounts that work in conjunction with the trigger snaps to easily remove the straps from the camera. All hardware is solid brass and the edges are coated and polished. The straps can be raised or lowered by a little over 3 inches.


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My main gripe about my previous strap was that adjusting the length was a real chore. On the 2cents strap you simply pull the floating keeper up out of the way, pull the strap from the brass notch and place it where you need it. No having to coax a stubborn nylon strap loose here! I was able to adjust the strap longer for across the shoulder carry to shorter for over my abdomen in less than 15 seconds.

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The soft leather is very comfortable on my neck and the weight is evenly dispersed over the wide strip across the neck. I wasn’t nervous at all with the camera hanging, the brass hardware inspires confidence that your gear will stay put. The quick release snaps are a godsend for when you need to remove the strap from your camera.

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The strap also converts to a wrist strap for extra support when snapping pictures. 2centsleathershop demonstrates this well in their video.


This leather strap looks great and adds much needed character to most typical black SLR cameras. I also really appreciate the fact that while stylish, it’s also very low key. When traveling and snapping photos, I don’t feel comfortable with a large name brand printed on the strap around my neck signaling to everyone I have an expensive camera on my person. 2centsleather also offers personal initials, up to 3 characters at no additional cost.  We got the BestLeather.org initials (BLO) and it really adds to the appreciation of the piece. The brass hardware accents the leather handsomely as well.

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If you’re looking for a camera strap that is easily adjustable while also being comfortable and of course, leather, then you should check out 2centsleathershop Custom Leather Camera Strap on Etsy. Priced affordably at under $50 dollars and the free option of monogramming make it an appealing choice.

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