Common football betting mistakes

Football is a popular sport not only among fans but also among punters. Every year hundreds of millions of deals are made for football matches worldwide. At the same time, punters continue to make trivial betting mistakes.

Today’s article will analyze the common mistakes in betting on football matches. Also, try to win on sport betting on this site


                          Inflated performance expectations

Almost all novice bettors are sure that when two effective teams know how to play from the attack meeting, a compelling duel will break the standard total of more than 2.5 goals. However, as the results show, the teams act as carefully as possible in these matches, keeping their own goal intact.


The performance indicator is exclusively inherent to teams that know how to play from the attack but consistently concede goals, even outsiders. Only when such teams meet, with additional analysis, can you bet more? The total is less in other cases, the first option for further consideration.

The coaching staff will focus on defense in the next fight, nullifying the opponent’s scoring chances.


                             Betting on the next team win

A particular team is often constantly achieving success, winning in each subsequent fight. However, no one considers the secondary factors that influence such results:

  • Lack of matches in European cups;
  • Lack of fights in local cups;
  • The presence of key players in the squad;
  • Sufficient rest time (minimum 5 days).

If one of the listed factors affects the next fight, you should not consider the victory of the chosen team. With a high probability, the team will be defeated or play a draw due to a lack of physical condition for the next game.


In addition, we noticed that in addition to physical strength, football players also have an emotional factor and a psychological aspect. For example, the average team confidently faced two opponents in a row on the home field. The next game is away, against an equal team. And the bookmaker, taking into account the last two wins, makes the invited team the underdog. However, there is a high probability of losing points in such a match since the home team is much more confident in winning points than the away team, even considering the latest results.


                 Rehabilitation of a strong team after defeat

It is also a common stereotype where punters voluntarily place a bet on a specific team, considering the last loss or loss of points. This is especially true in the case of failures in the home arena against a weak opponent. At first glance, it seems that a strong opponent will necessarily rehabilitate himself in front of his fans, having won the next match. At the same time, the bookmaker also considers such an indicator, placing lower quotes after the previous loss. However, the club is more likely to drop points again in the next game.


You also have to remember that a strong club can win, but the victory will be minimal for the team. In such cases, the punter must play from the outside. They are taking into account the status of the favorite and the slim odds set by the bookmaker.


    The defeat of the favorite before the match in European cups

This aspect is especially true for playoff games when each team is focused on winning the cup. At the same time, the club also has unresolved moments in the national championship, where losing points would be an unjustified decision.

In such situations, club coaches play for the result in the national championship, overshadowing the matches in the European cups. However, punters do not consider the team’s fatigue, betting on winning the cup playoffs. But, as usual, after a difficult fight in the championship. The team enters tired to the field, without showing its maximum.


    Positive results of the middle peasant after winning the cup

This aspect applies exclusively to local cup fights, where teams like to achieve results, especially when talking about weak groups or middle peasants, who prefer to play as much as possible. Trying to get to the next stage, simultaneously earning additional prize money for participating in the tournament. And in the next fight, in the championship, after 2-3 days of rest, the team is not ready to fight and tries to “dry” the match to hold on to points. Due to the lack of strength, there is little time for a break and proper rotation on the bench.


                             Favorite win in local cup

Every year, the favorites fly in all the cups in the country. The reasons, of course, are different, and it is problematic to predict a possible exit before the start of the meeting.

However, it is essential to understand that average teams that do not rely heavily on the financial component are unlikely to focus on such a cup. Before starting a match, it is essential to analyze the opportunities and motivation of each team. For example, a favorite may compete for gold medals at the national championship and gladly “donate” unnecessary cups.


This is especially true for mid-hand teams. These teams understand that it will be difficult to win such a cup for two reasons:


Strong competition from leaders.

Minimum prize money, not comparable to National Championship prize money.

For these reasons, the average teams decide from the first stages to banally “empty” the cups to focus on participating or fighting in the championship.

Look through the team rankings, past performances, and starting lineups to find such fights. In either case, the bettor will find flaws and make a proper wager on the game.


Betting on team motivation

It is essential to understand that playing purely for motivation is not enough in football. Teams play first and foremost through gameplay and skill. Motivation is a secondary aspect that is taken into account and the rates.


For example, a home favorite and an invited stranger will meet if you take a conditional match. The points are essential for the away team not to be eliminated from the championship during the next season. However, despite the lack of proper motivation, the home favorite will not allow the opponent to take any points, playing in front of their fans.



The listed examples will help all punters to look for and skip such situations when looking for good football matches to bet on. In addition, we note that a competitive analysis will not hurt at long range.

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