The Ongoing Leather Notebook Cover List – Field Notes, Moleskine, Rite in the Rain, Rhodia

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To have your notebook cover featured here, contact Bobby at [email protected] arrange. This is an ongoing list.

Here we are featuring great notebook covers sent to us by reputable leather companies in the business of making quality goods. The links are in the product titles.

Alstad Goods | Alstad Carry

The Alstad Carry in natural chestnut is a clear visual standout; quite fine contrasting stitching, black burnished edges, a shapely form, fancy silver embossed logo, topped with a cool pen. The leather is definitely vegetable tanned from Wicket & Craig. I would guess 4 oz thickness, or in other words, “just right.” They say the included pen is Japanese but it has French all over it. Strange. It’s a clever touch that the pen keeps the notebook closed and the notebook holds on to the pen. You have a couple nice slots for business cards or credit cards. Hand saddle stitched as well. Alstad took the design on this notebook cover to 11. What’s not to like? It’s pricey but you get what you pay for here.


Alstad Carry Leather Notebook Review - 1

Alstad Carry Leather Notebook Review2 - 1 Alstad Carry Leather Notebook Review - 3 Alstad Carry Leather Notebook Review - 4 Alstad Carry Leather Notebook Review - 5 Alstad Carry Leather Notebook Review1 - 1

Craft & Lore | Enfold Field Notes Cover

This class of small notebook cover sometimes reminds me of massive wallets and this one more so for good reason. Craft & Lore’s Enfold collection synthesizes one style into a couple different designs. A card wallet, full wallet, and notebook cover (and you can get one in cordovan!). You get solid vegetable-tanned, hand saddle stitched, mild burnishing, customizable thread color, a nifty wood field note, and a unique closure method. It has the standard pockets for lockpick sets, business or credit cards, or whatever other slim things you want to fit in there. I don’t know which tannery the leather calls home but it’s pretty rugged stuff. This will take a while to break in soft. Maybe your great-grandchildren will fight over it?

One interesting detail of this Field Notes version are the copper staples.


craft & lore enfold notebook cover review - 5

craft & lore enfold notebook cover review - 1 craft & lore enfold notebook cover review - 3 craft & lore enfold notebook cover review - 4bestleather-leather-notebook-review-roundup-4

One Star Leather | Park Sloper No Pen

Simplicity is the story here. No pen holder, field notes, and card slots. I’m pretty sure the leather is some kind of Horween product based on it’s soft feely quality (confirmed). Horween leather is great for carry goods. It’s a nice cover but I wish we would have had the Senior model to show since that one has the pen slot, remember to look that up. The Park Sloper Senior is the one with the integrated pen holder. One Star has always made good stuff. They don’t sell off their website so Etsy is the place to go.

One further interesting note. Keegan, the proprietor of One Star Leather, is also a writer/director of films.


one star leather park sloper senior reivew - 1 one star leather park sloper senior reivew - 2 one star leather park sloper senior reivew - 3 one star leather park sloper senior reivew - 4

American Beechcraft | Field Notes Cover

It’s leather, it’s simple, it is quite affordable. American Benchcraft is giving good value for only $49. There is no stitching. The brass rivets will provide tons of robustness. Their whole line of wallets and accessories follows this brass rivet minimalist construction style. I actually tried decently hard to tear them off but my fingernails paid the price when there was no give. The rivets are well pressed. Surprisingly you get a very good burnish and edge paint for the money. Most edges would come unfinished at this price point.

This Field Notes cover comes with a lined version but when I bought coffee to start this writing session my first order of business was to spill coffee all over me and this notebook, so I substituted a different graph paper version.



bestleather-leather-notebook-review-roundup-1 bestleather-leather-notebook-review-roundup-5

Saddleback Leather | Moleskine Cover

I have had this Moleskine cover for years and it has had nearly daily use. Saddleback Leather quotes that “They will fight over it when you are dead” and it is obvious why they would, it is is nicely rugged. It’s thick, mine has the black pigskin from years ago, and fairly stiff. The elastic band which can hold and pen and keeps the cover closed has not really worn at all and there is no worry of undue fraying on stitching. If anything I wish it would show its age a little more. Patina has been hard to develop on this one, but I guess you can call that a compliment.


bestleather-leather-notebook-review-roundup-6bestleather-leather-notebook-review-roundup-2 bestleather-leather-notebook-review-roundup-7 bestleather-leather-notebook-review-roundup-8

Marlondo | Large Journal Cover

This roundup isn’t exclusive to 3×5” Field Notes style covers. Marlondo offers that size as well, but the large Journal Cover we have here accommodates (and comes with) 5×8″ notebooks.

Most aspects of this journal are nicely oversized. It’s not a tight fit for the included notebook, most pens, cards, etc., and takes up a fair amount of desk space opened up. Sleeves on both sides mean you can secure your notebook in a few different ways, either cover or both.

The leather is a rich brown color that is happy to show some character as it gets scuffed, and the simple leather wrap enhances the rugged feel. It also appears to be chrome-tanned, which means softer leather but not my personal favorite smell (others tell me they prefer it, however!). Full grain leather and nylon thread mean this cover should last for many years and look great doing it.


marlondo_notebookcover_1 marlondo_notebookcover_2 marlondo_notebookcover_3

Gfeller, Winter Session, Moxie & Oliver, Mr Lentz, and Mascon Leather coming soon!

To have your notebook cover featured here, contact Bobby at [email protected] arrange. This is an ongoing list.


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