With Totem & Norman Porter In Philadelphia

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While on a trip through Philadelphia I had an opportunity to stop in at the excellent men’s store, Totem, in Philadelphia. They are selling a wide range of men’s goods including leather and canvas bags.

The store is very well put together and stocked with quality brands. Phil started Totem Brand Co. because he wanted to offer great heritage brands with a focus on American manufactured goods and outdoor lifestyle. Phil takes pride that their leather goods are made in USA. In fact, most of their leather goods are made directly in Pennsylvania where they are located. Totem carries great leather goods from Norman Porter who makes all his products in Philadelphia. They also carry Billy Kirk leather goods made by the Amish in Lancaster, PA and even their hoof pick belts by Apolis are made in Howard, PA.


Totem Mens Shop in Philadelphia6Totem Mens Shop in Philadelphia3

Totem Mens Shop in Philadelphia4

Totem Mens Shop in Philadelphia5

Norman Porter

While I was perusing Totem’s goods I learned about Norman Porter who supplies high quality denim and leather belts to Totem. A quick introductory phone call to Mike, the owner of Norman Porter, had me set for a trip over to his show as well.

Norman Porter is a small operation primarily focusing on high quality denim jeans for men. They offer the experience of coming in for a custom fit and constructed pair of jeans sewn together right in front of you. Mike graciously gave me a tour of his facility and showed off some of the vintage yet quite competent sewing machines he puts to work on denim.

Norman Porter Shop Tour2

Although he may look somewhat somber here, Mike was a great host and share quite a bit of knowledge on leather and denim working.

Norman Porter Shop Tour3Norman Porter Shop Tour6 Norman Porter Shop Tour5

Incredibly, and completely circumstantially, Aaron from River City Leather was also visiting Mikes shop. Aaron lives in Ohio and I had corresponded with him just the previous day not realizing I would bump into him at Norman Porter. Aaron and his lovely wife Erin had his first bag from several years ago and is holding up great!

Norman Porter Shop Tour21


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