White’s Boots MP Service Boot Review – $579.95

Up until recently, I wasn’t aware of White’s Boots. As someone who handles and reviews leather products on a regular basis, I was frankly embarrassed I somehow glossed over them. It wasn’t until a collaboration project between White’s and Triple Aught Design that I discovered a boot company that quite possibly makes the finest boots available. After some heavy research, I needed to see what the company was made of. Enter White’s Boots MP Service Boot.


White’s Boots has been around a long time, they actually predate the Civil War. Originally started by a father son team, White’s specialized in logging boots. Originating in West Virginia and finally settling in Spokane Washington, the company has been constantly producing high quality boots since 1853.


This boot is made almost entirely by hand. From the sewing to the welt, a skilled craftsman built these piece by piece. The leather is sourced from the famous Horween leather tannery. The Chromexcel is a you guessed it, chrome tanned leather. I definitely prefer chrome tanning as I feel it handles the elements a little better than vegetable tanning. This is a 6” boot, and while the model reviewed is the brown version, White’s produces this in a handful of other finishes and colors. The soles are Dainite lugged and the boot features a toe cap. 


For me, the largest roadblock with new boots is the break in process. Chances are if it’s a high quality boot (i.e Red Wing, Wolverine 1,000 Mile, etc) you’re going to have some discomfort initially. Yes, the MP Service Boots are no exception. Thankfully the leather is very supple and forgiving, so they mold to your feet a little quicker.

If you’re having trouble deciding what size you are, White’s has a brilliant foot sizing system in place. They will mail you a template, simply trace your foot wearing your boot socks and take a few quick measurements with the provided tape and mail it back. White’s will then recommend you a size, or if you’re a mutant – they can make a boot to fit you!

The Dainite Sole was new to me, usually I have Vibram soles. The Dainite is a softer sole with a large lug pattern. I definitely think they’re more comfortable and offer a sleeker profile than the half lug Vibrams, however if you’re the type who is off the trail, you’d probably want to consider these soles a little more closely.  Paired with a thick wool sock, these boots work nicely in moderately colder climates, the gusseted tongue keeps out excess moisture and debris.

The fact that I can resole these later on is an added bonus. Arch support is great, and I found prolonged periods of standing to be unexpectedly tolerable. Think of these boots as an around town footwear option that can handle the occasional contingency.  


I would argue that you’d be hard pressed to find a better looking boot that can handle a multitude of scenarios with as much adaptability that the MP Service Boots offer. Jeans, Chinos, etc – You’ll be solid. Horween leather is superb and I suspect these boots will take on a brilliant patina with time.

  The waxed laces mesh well with the boot and definitely hold a knot better than traditional leather laces, although I would have liked to have seen metal aglets on the end that matched the lace keepers. The problem with White’s Boots – they make practically every other boot look flimsy and cheap. Now that I’ve experienced true American craftsmanship, I can’t simply pick up a pair of boots at DSW. 


There is no question these are one of, if not the finest boots you can buy. The only real question remaining is if you can justify the cost. For the work boots made by Whites, I’d say it’s  no brainer. For a casual/lifestyle boot, it begs serious consideration. Just be careful, because once you try a pair on and handle them, almost everything else will feel subpar. White’s Boots MP Service Boot looks just about perfect, and once you get past the first few painful of weeks of breaking them in, you’ll have companions for life. 

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