Top 7 leather bags for college students

Accessories, like bags, have become a part of our every-day attributes, and to choose the one that meets your needs to the full is a real problem.


There comes a time when a college or university student wants to shine and add a bit of style to their outfit. Legit essay writing services say that the best way to do so is simply to walk around on campus with a top-quality bag. A highly qualified academic writer from, Lauren Bradshaw, has done her research when it comes to bags students should invest in when studying. This article will look at the top 7 leather bags Lauren Bradshaw recommended students can buy to bring glamor to their life.


1. The Egolife Canvas Messenger Bag 


First on the list is this lovely canvas messenger bag, and it is just oozing with quality. There is a reason why this bag is high on the list and the main one is it makes a student look very stylish. For storage, it has two very large pockets in the front which can be used to put their phone, pen, and various other accessories like a book and laptop. 


Comfort is a very important thing and the manufacturers made sure that this bag has adjustable straps that don’t cause fatigue if a student carries this bag for a very long time. Students don’t have to worry about going back and forth between classrooms and dorms because they will be able to carry all they need as mentioned above. Lastly, this bag is scratch and water-resistant meaning that a student can have this bag for a long time.


2. Mahi Leather’s The Harvard Satchel 


Named after one of the most famous universities in the world, this bag is a must-have for college students according to various academic writing services. The reason why it makes this list is the 10% full-grain leather with cotton lining material it is made from. This adds some much-needed durability plus the shoulder straps are very easy to adjust. 


Just like the bag above, it has so many bags to store various items plus students can choose between three colors which are black, tan, and brown. Buying this bag warms the heart because some profits go to charities that provide clean water to people.


3. The leaper retro messenger bag 


If a student is looking for a bag that is very different from anything that is sold on the market, this is the perfect bag to get. On the surface, it does look like any other backpack but on closer inspection, it differentiates itself from the rest on the market. 


It is super lightweight and has many pockets one can choose to put pens, notebooks, phones, and even a 13-inch laptop or a 10-inch tablet according to online writing services. The bag is kept secure thanks to the broad padded strap and has zips as well as a flap for extra security. There are also several colors available on the market to choose from.


4. The MATEIN messenger bag 


This bag is special because it features something that the bags above don’t have which is a lot of storage. Depending on where a student is studying, rainfall is a weather condition that is encountered, and the good news is this bag is waterproof. The bag is also durable thanks to the scratch-proof nylon fabric it is made from plus the black color gives it a lovely classy look according to services. 


Many students like this bag because the shoulder can easily be detached which is good for those who don’t want to strap it across their shoulders. Since it has a lot of storage, it is very easy to keep things organized and can fit a 15-inch laptop if a student has one. With a pocket cleverly located closely to the bag owner, it ensures valuables don’t get stolen.



5. coolBell convertible messenger bag 


This bag is incredible not because it is well designed but the fact that it can be converted into a backpack with ease. Similar to the bag above, it has an impressive storage space which allows the owner to pack up to three days’ worth of clothes in it if they wish. This makes it a must-have bag for students who go camping regularly. The small little pocket on the side can be used to store pens and other small items.


6. The Berchirly vintage canvas messenger 


Professional writing services say storage size does matter to some students and for those looking for something extra-large, this is the bag to buy without fail. While there are smaller sizes and colors available, any student with a lot of books and accessories in their possession needs to buy this bag. It has a very comfortable shoulder strap that will not weigh a student down causing tiredness even if it is loaded with heavy items. Students who buy this bag are known to be the envy of their peers because it is incredibly made and looks glamorous.


7. Timbuk2 command laptop messenger bag 


Last on the list is this Timbuk2 bag which is very durable thanks to the 100% polyester it is made from. No matter the weather, this bag can hold its own and can hold all the essentials a student needs when attending classes like a laptop, books, pens, and a phone. Colors to choose from include red, black-gray, and brown.

Final thoughts

With so many leather bags being sold online or even in stores, it can be tough for students to pick a bag that will make them the envy of their peers at college or university. The bags in this list have plenty of storage space and pockets for students to fit in anything they want without making multiple trips to the dorm to collect things they need for their lessons. Price is also something worth considering when it comes to buying leather bags and if a student can afford a bag they like, they should go for it or wait till it goes on sale. People that work for a professional essay writing service were once students themselves and if any student wants tips on a good leather bag, they can reach out to them for advice.


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